Zoe Sugg: An Exclusive Interview on The Zoella Book Club 2016

Zoe Sugg: An Exclusive Interview on The Zoella Book Club 2016

Hi Zoe! We’re so excited that the Zoella Book Club is now live and that young readers are loving your picks. Why did you decide to launch your very own book club?

Whenever I have mentioned books I’ve loved in the past, there has always been such a positive reaction. I found that people love discussing their favourite plots and characters and it’s a passion that is shared highly amongst many people. It’s so easy these days to get completely caught up in social media and online, that we sometimes forget the magic that is held in a good book. Talking about it and sharing great reads is a nice way to remind people to put down the laptops, phones and tablets and get lost in words as a nice alternative.

Have you enjoyed taking part in the book club so far? How do you hope it will help young readers?

Yes, I’ve absolutely loved it. Reading is something I enjoy whenever I get the chance, so having a reason to be submerged in different books was so much fun. I hope it encourages them to explore their imaginations and to get lost in stories as a little break from the internet. I also hope that they feel they can take something away from one of the books, be it some life advice, a bit of reassurance or the happiness you feel when you turn the last page and finish, which in turn I hope will encourage them to pick up another book and do it all over again. You really can learn so much from a book!

Did you find it hard to choosing the final 8 books?

Yes! I will very rarely put a book down halfway through if I’m not enjoying it. I like to give every book a fair chance and I enjoy so many different genres. I’m really happy with the final choice though, and I think others will love them too.

How long does it take you to read a book?

It totally depends on how quickly I’m hooked. On average I can read around 300 pages in 6 hours with toilet and food breaks. I once sat and read an entire book in around 2.5 hours though, as I just couldn’t wait to see what was going to happen.

From the final 8 books, who was your favourite character?

That’s definitely a toss up between Theodore Finch in All The Bright Places and Olly in Everything Everything, both with similar traits surprisingly.

Which of the characters would you most want to hang out with?

Samantha from The Potion Diaries as she could show me how to make amazing potions or Sophie from Billy and Me because she seems so relatable and down to earth.

Which character from the books could you most relate to?

I feel like I could relate a lot to Caddy in Beautiful Broken Things as she was quite a helper and wanted to fix people in any way that she could, and I am guilty of this myself!

Do you wish any of the books had alternative endings? If so, which one and what would you want it to be?

This may be the most annoying answer to this question and I really did sit and think about this for quite some time but I was actually really satisfied with every ending in each of the 8 books. Probably why I loved them so much, as an ending it so important!

Where is your favourite place to read?

Besides being on a sunbed on a sunny holiday, I love being curled up with a blanket on my bed, especially if it’s dark and gloomy outside.

Did any of the books made you cry?

Three of the books brought a tear to my eye. Billy and Me, All The Bright Places and Everything Everything.

Did any of the books make you laugh out loud?

I found The Sky Is Everywhere had really funny parts in it that made me laugh, even though the book isn’t comedic in any way, Jandy put some really lighthearted bits in it which made it so great!

What book would be recommended to Alfie?

I would recommend We Were Liars to Alfie – In fact I did after I’d finished it! It’s really easy to read and follow, and as Alfie isn’t the biggest reader I feel that it moves quite quickly but still captivates you from page 1.

Would you recommend any of the books to your mum?

Yes, I would recommend all of them but I feel like she would love All The Bright Places, Everything Everything and Billy and Me the most.

Which book would you most like to see made into a film?

I would love to see every one of these books made into a film but We Were Liars would be SO good!

From the final 8, which was your favourite book?

I honestly couldn’t pick one favourite. I enjoyed them all for different reasons and would happily sit and read them all over again.

Which of the books did you really want to talk to your friends and your fans about afterwards?

All The Bright Places. I did not shut up about it for months, and even now I still tell everyone to read it if they haven’t yet. I was also desperate to talk to someone about Everything Everything so I made my friend read it after me so I could!

Can you judge a book by its cover? Did any of the books you read differ from your original expectation?

No, never judge a book by it’s cover, although I am always drawn in to a colourful or cute cover personally.

Some of the books in your final selection have really important issues raised in them. Was that an important part of why you picked them?

Yes. One of the many reasons I wanted to write my own books was to incorporate things I never read about in novels that would have reassured me when I was a teen or young adult. There are so many amazing issues raised in each of the books I chose that I feel will offer reassurance and guidance for so many people.

Do you have a favourite quote from one of the books?

“You are all the colors in one, at full brightness.” – All The Bright Places

You can find more about the eight Zoella Book Club books here.

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