Exclusive Video! Two Minutes with Jennifer Niven

Exclusive Video! Two Minutes with Jennifer Niven

Two Minutes with Jennifer Niven Transcript

Hi, I am Jennifer Niven and this is me.

What do you love about reading?

I think probably one of my favourite things about reading is the way it opens up the world to you. And it also makes you know that you are not alone.

Where is your bright place?

My favourite place on earth is home.

What is your favourite book right now?

It has got to be The First Time she Drowned by Kerry Kletter. Look at the cover. It’s so beautiful. And it’s one of those books that it stays with you for months after you read it. It breaks you in half but it puts you back together again all at the same time. And it’s just beautiful. And I pick it up now and then and I just kind of reread sections, and it’s gorgeous.

…and when you were a teenager?

My favourite book in highschool was probably The Stories of Ray Bradbury, and if you were ever to read any of my highschool writing – which you won’t ever do – you would see a very bad knockoff imitation of Ray Bradbury writing.

What motto do you live your life by?

Probably… wander the world, make it lovely, leave something behind.

Who is your favourite writer?

My mother, because she was amazing. And she was the most beautiful, amazing, incredible, brilliant, wise, funny person I’ve ever known. And she taught me to find the story in everything. She also taught me that I could be or do anything I wanted to be or do. And I did.

What’s the best thing about being a writer?

It’s readers. Hands down.

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