Exclusive Video! Giovanna Fletcher’s Favourite Scene from Billy and Me

Exclusive Video! Giovanna Fletcher’s Favourite Scene from Billy and Me

Giovanna Fletcher’s Favourite Scene from Billy and Me Transcript

Hi everyone, Giovanna here. I thought I would share with you my favourite scene from Billy and Me.

It’s early on, and actually it’s when Billy and Sophie first meet. And the reason I love it is because there’s a lot of miscommunication going on first of all. Billy’s there sat talking to himself and one of the old customers in the shop, one of the elderly customers, beckons Sophie over and is a bit worried about Billy and what he’s up to sat there muttering to himself. So she kind of pushes Sophie to go over to him. And it’s why they first start talking properly. And I just love the fact that in my head I know that he’s just there learning lines but she thinks something else is going on.

But then that scene flips into something else and Sophie has a panic attack, and I personally love the way that Billy deals with it. And I think straight away you see him as this strong, very controlled guy who is a carer and a nurturer, and also I think as a reader it highlights Sophie’s vulnerability as well straight away, because people have panic attacks and it’s something that she’s obviously been dealing with a lot. And straight after that scene actually there’s a flashback to her first ever experience with it, which kind of makes you realise how long she’s been living with it. Because that’s the thing with anxiety and panic attacks, people live with it and you don’t know when it’s going to happen.

Yeah, so as an early scene I like it because it’s really really varied. So you think it’s going one way and then this panic attack happens. It just kind of shows this connection between strangers and how lovely it is when people help others without really knowing them.

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