Exclusive Video! Giovanna Fletcher Gives us a Tour of her Writing Room

Exclusive Video! Giovanna Fletcher Gives us a Tour of her Writing Room

Giovanna Fletcher Gives us a Tour of her Writing Room Transcript

Hi guys, come on in! Welcome to my office! Come and take a look around.

Yep, this is my desk. Ooh and first off, this is my swanky new chair. I wrote three books and two novellas on a rubbish, very uncomfortable wooden chair and then my husband got me this for christmas and it’s amazing. So I can now write books and not break my back at the same time. Hurrah.

Ooh and while we’re here, this is my book for the book club, woop woop! So this is my desk basically. I’ve got a big old screen now. I used to write on a really small laptop, I’ve upgraded since books are now my thing. I like it here being nice and light and airy, and then I turn around and what inspiration! Loads and loads of books!

So these are some of my favourite books. Actually, the funniest thing is that a lot of my favourite books aren’t in here because what I do when people come over is say “oh you must read this book” and I go and get it and I give it to them and it never works its way back. So in some ways these are a collection of my less favourite books. Or I’ve gone out and bought more of my favourite ones because I just can’t handle my bookshelf being without them.

Other things that are a little bit of inspiration… I love going back to my childhood in a lot of my books and this is my Fisher Price tape recorder that my sister got me. Basically we had one and then, you know, you grow up and decide to get rid of things and then as an adult you go back and you buy the things that you gave away years ago. Don’t know what this is going to say…

[Audio on tape recorder plays]

My dad…

[Audio on tape recorder continues]

“Hello I’m from Pandecenton news and I was just wondering if you could just talk us through what’s going on right here right now.”

“We’re making coffee. What do you think we’re doing?”

“I don’t know I’m just on the radio”

“You’re on the radio? Oh you work for the radio?”

Basically when me and my sister were younger we used to have this Fisher Price recorder. Not this exact one, but our old one. And we used to make a radio show called Hangers 17, and we used to be like “Hello and welcome to Haaangers 17 where the music is hot!”. And that was me doing it, probably as a 29 year old. But there we go! Just things like that around my office I just love because I think when you’re writing about characters you have to remember about their memories as well because they shape the people that they are. So things like that I love.

So this is actually the backdrop to a lot of my videos and one question that I get asked a lot is that I’ve got a lot of copies of my own books down here, all in different languages. But that’s because the publishers send you loads. You get loads so you can give them out to friends and family. But Dream a Little Dream I got sent just before the book launched, so all of my friends and family got those at the same time. So I’ve got a lot of copies. Maybe I should give them away in a competition or something.

And then we’ve got all of my husband’s books, The Dinosaur that Pooped books, and then lots of others of my favourites. Masks, I used to collect Venetian masks when I was younger, now there are just a few scattered around the house. What else have we got? The date on this is always wrong. Probably because it’s so high, I mean that takes a lot of effort to get that down, never look that high! But there’s lots of stuff on my bookshelves that kind of inspire me and make me feel happy.

And then over here I’ve got a collection of my favourite photos of my family and stuff. Although I haven’t put my youngest child up there yet, that’s because I’m a terrible mother and I’ve not had any developed yet. Trust me there are hundreds of photos of him on my phone and actually on my desktop so that’s absolutely fine. And this is favourite thing I think in the office. “Hello…hello?” because that is how you answer this phone. You can’t answer it in anything but received pronounciation. Dining out on that is hilarious. And then I’ve got my G light which I love.

On a normal day I would come in here, I’d sit down at my desk and write. Well first of all, I get a bit distracted, so first of all get your Twitter, your social media out of the way, vlogging, if you’re doing a vlog get that out the way as well. And then I try and write, it’s not so much hours for me, it’s more about a word count. So I try and write about 1,500 words a day, which is quite doable, sometimes I might achieve more, sometimes less, and then that’s my workload. So I don’t try and set myself I’m in the office 9-5 because it just doesn’t work for me right now with two children. Although maybe once they get a little bit older actually I will be able to sit within that. I might actually be a bit more structured. But that’s what I’m doing at the moment. So 1,500 words, it doesn’t matter if I’m here in the morning or nighttime when the boys go to bed.

So I hope you’ve enjoyed the tour of my office, and I shall speak to you soon. Bye!

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