Exclusive! Deleted Scene from Fangirl by Rainbow Rowell

Exclusive! Deleted Scene from Fangirl by Rainbow Rowell

Chapter 21, Simon Snow and the Second Serpent, copyright Gemma T. Leslie, 2003

Other students went home for the summer. Simon just went to Lancashire.

He’d spend the summer in whatever care home he was assigned to. It was too much to hope for a room to himself, but he took some solace in the fact that even the worst of the summer orphans, castoffs and ne’er-do-wells were better roommates than Baz. At least they didn’t hate Simon personally.

He only had to get through another few summers like this. After fifth year, students could stay at Watford all summer long if they liked. Maybe the Mage would make an exception for Simon after fourth year. Imagine — three months at Watford without Baz.

Simon got on the bus that would take him to the train that would dump him off at another bus headed for his summer assignment.

He looked back once at the wide green lawns and weathered fortress behind him . . .

The Watford School of Magicks was the only place he’d ever thought of as home.

Chapter 6, Simon Snow and the Third Gate, copyright Gemma T. Leslie, 2004

Watford was best in September.

When the days were long, and the football pitch was green.

If Simon had time between classes or before dinner, he’d dump his books at the side of the pitch and join the game that never seemed to end, not until the first snow, anyway. Penelope would sit at the sidelines and read while he played. It was a shame that Penelope didn’t like football. She was such a good mate in every other way, smart and funny and brave as a dragon.

She’d make a great boy . . . if she wasn’t such a girl.

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