The Zoella Book Club: Frozen Charlotte by Alex Bell

The Zoella Book Club: Frozen Charlotte by Alex Bell

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Frozen Charlotte – Alex Bell

Dunvegan School for Girls has been closed for many years. Converted into a family home, the teachers and students are long gone. But they left something behind…

Sophie arrives at the old schoolhouse to spend the summer with her cousins. Brooding Cameron with his scarred hand, strange Lillias with a fear of bones and Piper, who seems just a bit too good to be true.

And then there’s her other cousin. The girl with a room full of antique dolls. The girl that shouldn’t be there. The girl that died.

Frozen Charlotte – WHSmith Review

When Sophie arrives at her Uncle’s creepy old house on the Isle of Skye, she’s still grieving the unexpected death of a friend but determined to get some answers and some space from her concerned parents. Her uncle’s family were hit by their own tragedy a few years ago when his young daughter Rebecca was found frozen to death out on a cliff edge after apparently going outside in the night. The remaining family all seem to have been affected by the tragedy in different ways, but youngest daughter Lilas seems the most troubled, with an extreme phobia of bones, tales of seeing a little girl in the house and an insistence that her dead sister’s frozen Charlotte dolls move around at night. The longer Sophie stays at the house, the more strange and sinister things seem to happen. Could Rebecca’s spirit be in the house? Is there something more to her frozen Charlotte dolls?

Alex Bell’s Frozen Charlotte is a fantastic introduction to the horror genre for teens, with lots of creepy imagery and suspense to raise the hairs on the back of your neck. The intriguing characters draw you into this story and the spooky occurrences keep you turning the pages to find out just what is behind it all right until the twist at the end. There are some deaths and violence, and readers should keep in mind that this is a horror book and so easily-frightened readers may want to give it a miss (or at least sleep with the light on).

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Frozen Charlotte Events

We have some truly exciting online events lined up for the Zoella Book Club to encourage readers to discuss the books with fellow readers and with the authors themselves! You can talk about your favourite characters, discuss your favourite scenes, share your own experiences related to the books and ask any burning questions you have since turning the last page. Don’t miss out on the chance to meet like-minded readers and ask your unanswered questions.

Alex Bell Biography

Alex Bell

Alex Bell is the award-winning author of Frozen Charlotte and The Haunting in Stripes’ YA horror series, Red Eye. Alex is based in the New Forest and writes young adult horror books and middle grade fantasy books.

Whilst at university studying to become a lawyer, she also wrote a grand total of six complete novels (admittedly there was not much of a social life during this time). Her first novel, The Ninth Circle was published by Gollancz and came out in April 2008. Deciding to use her Law degree for good, instead of for evil, she also works as a supervisor for the Citizens Advice Bureau.

Her favourite things include Siamese cats, Old Crow Medicine Show music, vegetarian tapas and visiting New Orleans. She also has a weakness for any schlock horror film starring Vincent Price.

Alex happily dwells in a make-believe world of blood, madness, murder and mayhem.

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