Sue Wallman: Lying About Last Summer Soundtrack

Sue Wallman: Lying About Last Summer Soundtrack

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1. Mystery JetsRadlands 2. MacabeesToothpaste Kisses 3. Cage the ElephantCigarette Daydreams 4. Lily AllenLittlest Things 5. Sam SmithI’m Not the Only One 6. SiaChandelier 7. JungleBusy Earnin 8. Mama Cass ElliotDream a Little Dream of Me 9. AdeleSkyfall 10. The PoliceEvery Breath You Take


Radlands – Mystery Jets

I have a terrible habit of over-playing songs that I like, but I’ll never get tired of this. I love the lyrics about escaping the darkness. The band comes from Eel Pie Island, Twickenham, close to where I live.

Toothpaste Kisses – Macabees

This is beautifully romantic, and I think of Skye opening up her heart…

Cigarette Daydreams – Cage the Elephant

The idea of finding answers in the pouring rain fits with Lying About Last Summer, but the truth is that the sadness of the song spoke to me when I was writing the book.

Littlest Things – Lily Allen

When we’re playing music in the car from my playlist, my girls always skip this song because I’ve subjected it to them too many times. It reminisces about a relationship. It makes me think of all the little things that Skye remembers about her sister, such as her nail varnish, which mount up and overwhelm her.

I’m Not The Only One – Sam Smith

The first time I heard this on the radio, I stopped what I was doing. It was so heartfelt. It’s about betrayal, and it reminds me how much Luisa let Skye down, even though Skye thinks it’s the other way round.

Chandelier – Sia

When I was writing Lying About Last Summer I used to sing along to the high notes in this – when there was no-one else around – and it was very cathartic. There are several characters in the book who are trying to numb themselves. I find the line “But I’m holding on for dear life, won’t look down, won’t open my eyes” very poignant.

Busy Earnin – Jungle

Enough of the sad, yearning songs that I fill up my playlists with – this track reminds me of sitting at the kitchen table while my three girls danced. A proper dance, the one from the video. They took it really seriously.

Dream a Little Dream of Me – Mama Cass Elliot

Fay sings this at a karaoke evening, and Danielle thinks it’s ridiculously twee. I’m quite fond of it myself. A little bit of googling tells me that it was written in 1931. Loads of artists have covered it.

Skyfall – Adele

Brandon is into film trailers. I bet the theme for Skyfall wouldn’t be at the top of his playlist, but it’s an excuse for me to get an Adele track on my Lying About Last Summer one.

Every Breath You Take – The Police

Finally – a creepy song about a stalker. This was massive when I was Skye’s age. Lots of people thought it was a love song, but it was far more sinister…

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