Read an Extract from The One We Fell in Love With by Paige Toon

Read an Extract from The One We Fell in Love With by Paige Toon



She’’s here. I’’m instantly tense. The people around here are mistaken. They don’’t all look alike. She’s special. She’s different. She’’s the most beautiful girl I’’ve ever seen.

After what happened last night, she has to come to me. But I don’’t know if she will.

I watch her in a daze through the crowded, smoky air as she gets herself a beer from the makeshift bar. I want to go over to her, but I stay where I am, leaning against the door frame. After what happened last night, she has to come to me. But I don’’t know if she will. I’’ve been worried she wouldn’’t even turn up.

She swigs from her bottle, then looks around the packed living room, taking everything in. She’’s late and everyone else is well on their way to oblivion. Turning up at a party alone at this hour is brave. It wouldn’’t surprise me if she walked right back out again. That thought messes with my head, and it’’s already messed up enough. I can’’t believe I’’ve let her get to me like this.

I watch, fixated, as she puts the bottle back to her lips and then suddenly her eyes lock with mine. I force myself to stare back at her.

She smiles at me and the relief is instant. I jerk my head backwards, willing her to come over. Still smiling, she slowly makes her way through the packed space, squeezing through bodies until she’’s right in front of me.

‘Hey,’ I say, reaching down to touch my fingertips to hers.

‘Hi.’ She closes her hand into a fist.

Okay, so we’’re not cool. Her gorgeous eyes are wide as she stares up at me. My gaze drops to her lips. They’’re shiny, like she’s just applied lip gloss. I want to lick it off her.

Bloody hell, I’’m drunk.

‘‘How was dinner?’’ I ask.

‘It was fine!’ she shouts. I can’t hear her next words because the music is too loud.

‘‘What did you say?’’ I shout back, cupping her head with my hand and pulling her closer.

‘‘I said it’’s noisy!’’

‘‘Yeah,’’ I reply with a grin. ‘‘Sorry, I’’m a bit pissed.’’ I speak right into her ear.

‘‘Lucky you.’’

She is so sexy. Her hair is soft under my fingers. I run my thumb across her temple and she puts her hand on my chest. I think she’’s trying to keep me at bay, but it’’s not working. Her touch almost does me in.

I know I’’m making her uncomfortable in front of all these people, but I need to be with her.

I take her hands and pull her closer.

‘‘Angus?’’ She sounds uncertain as I touch my forehead to hers. I know I’’m making her uncomfortable in front of all these people, but I need to be with her. I want her so much. Too much.

Determination surges through me. ‘‘Come with me,’’ I say firmly, putting our beers on a nearby table. I grab her hand and tug her out of the living room. My head is spinning as I push open the door to the cloakroom under the stairs. I pull her inside and hear her gasp as I slam the door shut behind her. Then my mouth is on hers. I hear her sharp intake of breath as my tongue pushes her lips apart. She hesitates only a little before kissing me back. I could kiss her forever.

‘‘I want you,’’ I murmur into her mouth, pressing myself up against her so she can feel how much.

Her breath quickens as I slide my hand up inside her T- shirt.

‘‘I want you,’’ I say again, and then she silences me with fast, hungry kisses and I know that I’’ve got her. She’’s mine.

Someone turns the doorknob and I whip my hand out from under her T- shirt and slam my palm against the door, keeping it shut.

‘‘Go upstairs,’’ I shout, locking the door. ‘‘Whoops.’’ I laugh under my breath as I pull her body flush to mine. But she’s tensed again. ‘‘It’’s alright,’’ I tell her, my hand returning to the hem of her shirt. But this time she catches it, stopping me in my tracks.

‘’What…… We…… What are you doing?’’ she asks, even more breathless than before.

‘‘What do you think I’’m doing?’’ I ask in a low voice, kissing her neck. We’re picking up from where we left off last night. She needs to know what she does to me.

‘’Angus, stop!’’ she says loudly.

Oh f***. Ice freezes my stomach and I jerk away from her, reaching for the pull cord to flood the room with light. She flinches at the brightness, instinctively lifting her hands up to block it. She squints at me from under the shade of her fingers and I stare back at her with horror.

Same greeny- gold eyes……

Same light- blonde hair……

Not the same girl.

‘’Oh…’…’ I say. ‘’I thought you were—’ -‘




You could say we’’re freaks of nature.

We look exactly the same with our blonde hair and green eyes, and we all carry the same genetic material. One of us could literally commit murder and blame it on the others without our DNA giving us away.

Identical triplets are formed when a single fertilised egg splits into two, and one of the resulting two eggs splits again. The odds of this happening could be anything from 1 in 60,000 to 1 in 200 million, but one thing’’s for certain: identical triplets are very, very rare.

When our parents brought us home from the hospital, they were terrified about mixing us up. Apparently we wore our hospital armbands until they grew too tight, and even after Mum snipped the bands off, she painted each of our little fingernails a different colour. Sometimes she’s still baffled about who’’s who in our baby photographs.

But even though we look the same, and even though we came from the same, single, fertilised egg, we were separated into three before our mother even knew she was pregnant.

And here’’s the crux of it: we were born three completely different individuals.

As time passed and our personalities began to shine through, Mum and Dad came to realise that we actually had very little in common.

Yes, we could all scream very loudly.

And yes, we were all extremely stubborn.

But that was about it.

Until we were seventeen, that is. Because when we were seventeen, Angus Templeton moved in next door. And unfortunately, all three of us fell head over heels in love with him.

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