Paige Toon: The One We Fell in Love With Soundtrack

Paige Toon: The One We Fell in Love With Soundtrack

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1. Greta Svabo BechShut Up & Sing 2. Paloma FaithOnly Love Can Hurt Like This 3. BirdyKeeping Your Head Up 4. Jarryd James (ft. Raury)Do You Remember 5. Mikky EchoPull Me Down 6. Kal LavelleShivers 7. GotyeHeart’s a Mess 8. Alt JLeft Hand Free 9. The White StripesMy Doorbell 10. Catfish And The BottlemanCocoon’ 11. The WombatsGreek Tragedy 12. The KillersWhen You Were Young


Shut Up & Sing by Greta Svabo Bech

Mel, the girl who helped with research for The One… (she works on a mountain cable car), sent me a video of the sun setting over Mont Blanc, played to this song. It really evokes Phoebe’s Alps experience for me, and Rose later listens to it in the book.

Only Love Can Hurt Like This by Paloma Faith

The One… is bittersweet, and love does hurt, especially when it’s unrequited, as it is for Eliza. When Paloma takes it up an octave, the hairs on my arms stand up.

Keeping Your Head Up by Birdy

This song makes me think of siblings and how they can hold each other up in the darkest times. Birdy is great to write to generally – especially if I really need to focus on a scene. Her music is not too distracting.

Do You Remember (ft. Raury) by Jarryd James, or better still, The Wombats’ cover for Triple J’s Like A Version – YouTube it! (

This beautiful, haunting tune reminds me of Angus and the journey he goes on with one of the girls. The lyrics are very relevant.

Pull Me Down by Mikky Echo

This gorgeous, sensual song first came to my attention when I was writing The Longest Holiday a few years ago, but I still find myself listening to it, especially if I’m writing something sexy like the treehouse scene…

Shivers by Kal Lavelle

Ditto re this one… It is inherently sexy. I love making my characters fall breathlessly in love and get shivers up their spines – I hope my readers feel like this when they’re reading my books, too.

Heart’s A Mess by Gotye

This was on the soundtrack for The Great Gatsby (a great album to write to as a whole) and it reminds me of Rose. She’s so confused about who and what she wants.

Left Hand Free by Alt J

I listened to a lot of Alt J while writing The One… It’s the sort of music I can imagine Eliza and Angus bonding over. This song comes on when they’re in the car together, going for a late-night drive.

My Doorbell by The White Stripes

When Eliza and Angus go on a picnic as teenagers, The White Stripes are blaring out of Angus’s stereo. This song is pretty apt because all of the girls waited for Angus to call around at one time or another. Jack Black’s version of Love is Blindness is another favourite of mine.

Cocoon by Catfish And The Bottleman

Rose isn’t very clued up about music, but she comes into the bakery to help Toby out in the middle of the night and hears indie-rock music blaring out of his stereo. I love this band. My next book, The Last Piece of My Heart, is being written a lot to their second album.

Greek Tragedy by The Wombats

Readers of the Jessie series will know how much I love The Wombats. Their songs are so inherently catchy that they always give me a lift when I most need it. Jump Into The Fog is one of my favourite songs of all time, but this title is more fitting.

When You Were Young by The Killers

This has been on my writing playlist ever since Lucy in the Sky back in 2006. It came out around the time I got a book deal and it brings back all of those happy feelings – it still makes my heart soar every time I listen to it.

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