Exclusive Video! A Day in the Life of Author Gayle Forman

Exclusive Video! A Day in the Life of Author Gayle Forman

A Day in the Life of Gayle Forman Transcript

Hey, it’s Gayle Forman. One of the questions I get most often is ‘what’s your life like?’ Well, I’m about to show you. Here’s a day in my life.

Wednesday October 5th. 6:45AM

This is what I look like first thing in the morning. I’m tired. I need coffee.


Kids are off to school, it’s time for the first coffee of the day. I cannot overestimate how important this is to a writer’s life.

So it’s now almost 8 o’clock, I have coffee, I have a quiet house, I have a few hours to write. I’m working on a new book, I’m drafting, that part is always a little agonising so… It’s really boring, you might want to come back later.

Still working. Told you it was boring 10:27AM

11:40AM Radio Interview with WOHU


“Well Gayle Forman, I mean just listening to that, how does that resonate with you?”

“It strikes a lot of chords…”

After six hours of writing, my brain is tired 2:00PM

So after a full day of writing I get to reward myself by going swimming in the pool, which is where I’m heading now. And sometimes I swim by myself, but sometimes I get to swim with some of my author friends. And today, that’s a special guest star who you will see in a minute.

Okay, are you ready to find out who the special swimming guest star is? Okay, here she is! It’s E. Lockhart! The author of We Were Liars, and also a Zoella Book Club member. And my swim buddy.

Are you ready to swim Emily?

“Ready to swim!”

Okay, here we go!

The girls get home from school 3:30PM

“Hi mum, we’re home!”

Make snack
Drive to math tutoring
Drive to gymnastics
Pick up from math tutoring
Start dinner
Take shower

I have an event tonight. Time to get ready. 5:15PM

What do you guys think? Blingy gold necklace? No blingy gold necklace?

At the event (I went with the blingy gold necklace) 7:46PM

“It’s not taboo if you flip the genders…”

After event and signing, relax in front of TV 10:15PM

Or, fall asleep in front on TV 10:48PM

Second wind. Reading before bed with GiGi cat. 11:57PM

So there you have it, a day in life. And tomorrow I do it all over again. Thanks for hanging out with me today Zoella’s Book Club. Goodnight!