Exclusive Video! Sophie Kinsella’s Favourite Scene from Finding Audrey

Exclusive Video! Sophie Kinsella’s Favourite Scene from Finding Audrey

Sophie Kinsella’s Favourite Scene from Finding Audrey Transcript

Hi, I’m Sophie Kinsella, the author of Finding Audrey, and I’m absolutely thrilled to be part of the Zoella Book Club. And I’m going to describe my favourite scene from Finding Audrey, which is actually quite hard because I’ve got so many, but I’ve had to pick one and it’s a scene from the middle of the book.

Now Audrey is my heroine and she’s a fourteen year old, she suffers from anxiety and she sometimes gets a bit freaked out by seeing people, having to deal with people. But there’s a boy she really likes, he’s called Linus, and Audrey finds herself one side of the front door and Linus is the other side of her front door. And he really wants to talk to her and to see her and she just can’t face the idea because she’s in a bit of a state. So what does Linus do? He passes a note through the letterbox to her, and she reads it, and she writes a note, and she passes it back to him. And the two of them have this pretty amazing conversation, passing notes backwards and forwards, getting to know each other on paper.

And for me, this kind of sums up the love story of Audrey and Linus, who have a lot of obstacles. I mean, everybody has obstacles in love, whether it’s physical separation or it’s a bad feeling like jealousy, and what I think love is all about is finding the connection even when things are difficult. We can all do it when it’s easy, it’s harder when it’s really difficult and tough. And this is pretty tough. But Audrey and Linus keep talking to each other on paper.

And then at the end of the scene, Linus really wants to give Audrey a kiss. What can he do? She’s on the other side of the door. So he gives her a kiss on paper, he writes a kiss and he puts it through the letterbox. And for me that sums up their relationship, and it was a wonderful scene to write and I really hope you enjoy reading it too.