The Zoella Book Club is Back!

The Zoella Book Club is Back!

Find out more about The Zoella Book Club here

Buy the Eight Book Bundle here to get started reading straight away and receive lots of extra goodies!

22 thoughts on “The Zoella Book Club is Back!

        1. A Monster Calls is such a heart-breaking read! We knew something was coming, but no idea it was going to hit us that hard!

          What do you think of the new book covers by the way?

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          1. We’re really sorry Jennifer but they’re only available in the UK at the moment.

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    1. Which one are you most excited about this time Janay? Will you be joining in with the Twitter Takeovers again by the way? Meredith Russo is up first next tuesday!

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      1. I’m looking forward to ‘The One We Fell In Love With’ as it’s been on my reading list for so long, but they all look amazing. Looking forward to trying a horror at Halloween and a Christmas book too. Yes, I’ll definitely be joining in with the Twitter nights. I loved them last time.

        1. Ah, we couldn’t put The One We Fell in Love with down! It wasn’t what we were expecting at all, but it was so good!
          Frozen Charlotte will be such a good one to read around Halloween. One of our content writers was too freaked out to take a bath the next day after reading it (you’ll know which scene we mean when you get there!). Thankfully she did take a shower in the end haha.

          Brilliant, looking forward to Tuesday night!

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          1. Very excited to read it now. Ooh, I hope ‘Frozen Charlotte’ isn’t too terrifying, I like my baths hahaa!

            Can’t wait to get my hands on these books and start reading! I get married on Saturday so this is something to look forward to after it! Bring on Tuesday!

          2. The One We Fell in Love With is amazing! It was the first Paige Toon book I read (it have now read 3 more; One Perfect Summer, Thirteen Weddings and The Sun in Her Eyes) I plan to read all of her books.
            The Only We Fell in Love With is such a great book. There’s a great twist in it as well, which I wasn’t expecting since it gives nothing away! Brilliant book! Enjoy! Xx

    1. Hi Kyra,

      If you’re after the exclusive book jackets then unfortunately we no longer have any left online. You might find some left in your local store though.

      You can buy the books with their non-exclusive book jackets online or in store.


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  1. I am soooo excited to read these! I’ve ordered a lot of them! This is a great thing cause I know I wouldn’t even think about picking up a book, and now I’m reading more than ever!

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