Your Guilty Reading Habits

Your Guilty Reading Habits

Falling asleep immediately

“Sometimes I read a book purely because I know it’ll send me straight to sleep! No matter how engaging the storyline is, if it’s been a long day, two pages in I will inevitably drop off. It’s better than falling asleep in front of the TV, at least!” – Gigi McGregor.

“My worst reading habit is reading in bed. It’s not the fact I read in bed that I think is a bad habit, it’s my insistence on reading when I am really tired. This results in me having to re-read sentences, paragraphs, even entire pages again and again. It also means I take a long time to finish a book” – Sophia Coleman.


“In public, I often appear to be reading my book when really I am earwigging the conversation going around me. As such, I’ll have to go back and re-read the ten pages I have just scanned through as I haven’t taken any of it in!” – Matt Jenkins.

Long word skipping

“When I read books, I always tend to skip any long or challenging words. If I don’t know the meaning of the word or the pronunciation then I just read over it and miss it out completely! This is a really bad habit of mine and I wish I would stop myself and take the time to read over and find out what that word means and what they mean in context!” – Zoe Pearce.

Revealing spoilers

“I can’t help it; if somebody mentions a book title that I really enjoyed, then I just blurt it out! I told my mum about the ending of Harry Potter before she started the last book. She didn’t speak to me for three days” – Sammy Brooks.

“I read a lot of factual books or biographies, so I always feel like when I have learned something really interesting (probably only to me…) I have to tell someone about it immediately” – James O’Connor.

Reading out loud

“Sometimes when I get really into a paragraph, I find that I start whispering the words instead of reading in silence” – Jake Horton.

“Reading out loud. I have to move my lips when I read and my other half hates it” – Melanie Chan.

Ruining the book – literally

“Leaving grubby fingerprints on other people’s books. My close friends have learned not to lend them to me anymore as I always return them with smudges of chocolate, tea stains and crumbs in the centrefold. And I always fold the pages down instead of using a bookmark” – Suzy Crozier.

“I always lick my finger before turning each page. My friends tell me this is pretty gross!” – Dan Wilkinson.

Reading over people’s shoulders

“I didn’t see this as something to be guilty about at first, because I thought I was subtle and was getting some good book recommendations from it. But when one of my victims on the bus started moving away whenever I sat behind him, I got the hint” – Ben Jeffries.

Would you admit being guilty of any of these habits? Or do you, or anyone you know, have other annoying reading traits? We’d love to hear from you in the comments box below.