Young Adult Books #WHSBookmarks

Young Adult Books #WHSBookmarks

As #WHSBookmarks gets going, we’ll be getting to the heart of YA with discussions on favourite characters, the most meaningful stories and book recommendations from young adult readers. You can join in on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and the Blog as we debate the important issues, such as film adaptations VS the books, quotes that will stay with you forever and of course quite simply, the best YA book of all time. Make sure your voice is heard by using the hashtag #WHSBookmarks in your comments, and follow us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to keep up with the latest discussions.

Not only offering the chance to engage with like-minded readers, we’ll be providing lots of fascinating blog posts for you to get stuck into, including author interviews, previews, top 10’s, quizzes and author guest posts. And keep an eye out for the chance to win lots of exciting prizes along the way too!

If you have any suggestions for questions or topics that you’d love to debate with fellow book fans then let us know using the hashtags #WHSBookmarks #Ideas.

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