YA eBook Exclusives and Short Stories You May Have Missed

YA eBook Exclusives and Short Stories You May Have Missed

Veronica Roth – Four: A Divergent Collection

Fans of the Divergent series will be thrilled to discover Veronica Roth’s eBook collection of four short stories from the perspective of (you guessed it) Four. When she announced the news on her blog, Veronica told her fans why she was most interested in further exploring Four (Tobias Eaton) as a character:

“For me, Four has never just been Tris’s love interest,” she wrote. “He has always been a whole person with a history […] and a co-mover of the plot […] These stories are helping me to delve into his character in a way I never have before.”

The first three stories follow Four’s journey and initiation to Dauntless, while the fourth runs alongside the events of Divergent. Expect exclusive scenes!

Sarah J. Maas – The Assassin’s Blade novellas

The Throne of Glass series has been a huge hit with fans of the YA Fantasy genre. For those who are now pining for the adventures of Celaena since the most recent book was published last year, Sarah J. Maas has released four short stories following the teenage assassin’s antics, under the collective title The Assassin’s Blade: The Assassin and the Pirate Lord; The Assassin and the Desert; The Assasin and the Empire; and The Assassin and the Underworld (you’ll notice a theme with the titles!)

When asked what other character she would like to explore if she were to publish another novella, Sarah said: “A novella would be either about Rowan or Manon. I would love to write a book about Ansel from “The Assassin and the Desert. I have an opening scene in mind for it.” Watch this space, perhaps?

Charlie Higson – The Enemy: Geeks vs Zombies

In Charlie Higson’s The Enemy series, everyone over the age of 14 is hit by a deadly zombie virus, meaning it’s up to the kids to survive without the help of their parents, teachers or police officers.

Higson’s gory and gruesome zombie books came to an end in October last year with the publication of the seventh book in the series (aptly named: The End), but those still with a thirst for blood can get their fix from this latest eBook, which sees a group of geeks desperately trying to celebrate World Book Day amidst threat of attack from a very familiar enemy…

Lauren Oliver – Delirium Short Stories

Set in the world of Delirium and Pandemonium, Lauren Oliver’s exclusive eBooks tell the stories of three key characters.

Annabel reveals the story of Lena’s mother, a character who until now has been shrouded in mystery. This fascinating read reveals more about her life through chapters that alternate between her past and present, covering everything from her marriage to her imprisonment and ultimate escape.

Meanwhile, Hana is given the chance to tell her side of the story, and Raven provides the backstory of the scared girl who grows to become the fearless leader who helps Lena to save Julian.

Teri Terry – Dangerous Games

Following the award-winning success of the Slated trilogy, Teri Terry returns to the virtual space of the void with this exclusive eBook follow-up to Mind Games. Set sixteen years later, Dangerous Games centres on Luna’s daughter Liberty, who is fighting for her freedom and independence – but when a mysterious character offers to tell her all her mother’s secrets, will the temptation prove too great to resist?

Commenting on her decision to write this short story, the author said that although Mind Games was originally intended as a standalone book, “Luna and Gecko wouldn’t leave me alone. When readers added their voices to the ones inside me, wanting to know more, I couldn’t resist any longer!”

Julie Kagawa – The Iron Legends (The Iron Fey – short story collection): Winter’s Passage / Summer’s Crossing / Iron’s Prophecy)

Julie Kagawa takes us back to the world of The Iron Fey in this trio of exclusive novellas that reveal previously unknown information, as well as an expanded Guide to the Nevernever.

Winter’s Passage sees Meghan Chase learn that you must never make a promise to a faery, as she embarks on a treacherous quest into the heart of the enemy; Summer’s Crossing has been dubbed a ‘Midsummer’s Nightmare’; and The Iron Prophecy reveals the deepest secrets of this magical world, as the prophecy that Meghan’s unborn child would only bring misery starts to unfold…

Victoria Aveyard – Red Queen Novellas

Victoria’s Aveyard’s Red Queen series has also been hugely popular among YA fantasy fans. One review by The Guardian called it “an electrifying new series, managing to merge the two worlds of fantasy power and gripping action into one powerful gust of awesomeness which is taking the world of YA by storm.”

Following the two original novels – Red Queen and Glass Sword – readers have been desperate to find out more about the fascinating and brutal world of the Reds and the Silvers; thankfully, Aveyard has given the people what they want in the form of two brilliantly written short stories, Steel Scars and Queen Song. The latter of these is the prequel to Red Queen and sees Queen Coriane, first wife of King Tiberias, relive their courting days and the birth of prince Cal.Both are must-reads for any Aveyard fan!

James Frey – Endgame: The Training Diaries

James Frey’s ambitious and original Endgame series about a desperate game for the survival of the human race is more than a little Hunger Games-esque, so it was perhaps little surprise that it became a New York Times bestseller, or that The American Library Association said it was “A unique dystopian adventure… set to become a cultural phenomenon.”

Based on a game where the only rule is “there are no rules,” there is no knowing who from the twelve bloodlines will prevail. For fans of the series, Endgame: The Training Diaries are the thrilling and fascinating prequel novellas, following the Twelve as they transform to become the Players they were destined to be.

Neil Gaiman – How the Marquis Got His Coat Back

Fans of Neil Gaiman’s popular Neverwhere novel, which was originally a television series, often say that the Marquis de Carabas was the most intriguing character. Well, it seems that Neil agrees as fifteen years later he published this short story to appease his audience.

The short story was first promised to readers back in 2006, in a commentary by the author in his anthology Fragile Things, but he has finally got round to completing it – go read it now, fans!

Virginia Boecker – The Healer: A Witch Hunter Novella

Set in the world of The Witch Hunter, this short story is a little taster to keep Virginia Boecker fans on their toes before the release of The King Slayer later this year.

We follow John Raleigh, one of the youngest and most gifted healers in the whole of Anglia, as he struggles to mend his own broken heart following the brutal deaths of both his mother and sister. But when he is summoned to the home of the most powerful wizard in the kingdom, Nicholas Perevil, will he be able to find a cure for Nicholas and save the girl, too? An unmissable novella from one of YA fiction’s most exciting up-and-coming authors.

We’d love to hear from you if you have any other recommendation for unmissable eBooks and short stories! What should we be adding to our reading lists?

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