Why I Love Loom Bands- An Exclusive Interview with Harriet, aged 7

Why I Love Loom Bands- An Exclusive Interview with Harriet, aged 7

When were you first introduced to loom bands?

It was at the beginning of the summer when my cousin showed them to me. She’s a little bit older than me.

Do all your friends have loom bands?

Yes! Everyone at my school has them – children who are smaller than me and ones who are bigger. All of my friends make them and wear them. I don’t think any of my friends don’t wear them!

So how exactly do you make them?

Just by twisting the loom band, then you take the bottom and you put it on top and you just keep on going and going. I was quite slow but I’ve got really fast now. I can do two designs: chains and fishtails. But I’m going to learn how to do more tricky ones soon. Daddy will show me the clips on YouTube.

Do you make them for yourself or others?

I make some for myself, but really I like making them for other people and giving them as a present. I make them for my mummy and daddy and all my family and friends.

Do you spend your pocket money on loom bands?

Yes! I spend all my pocket money on loom bands. I used to get sweets, but now I like to buy loom bands.

What do you like most about loom bands?

I like them because you can make them with your favourite colours so they’re just how you like them to be. The ones I love the most are the golden ones, glittery ones and multi-coloured ones. My cousin has even got ones that are scented! I’d like some of them.

Where do you normally make them?

When it’s a nice day, I sometimes make them in the garden, but if it gets too hot or starts raining I move inside.

What’s the longest one you’ve ever made?

Once, I made so many bracelets they went all the way up my arm – almost to my elbow! I also made one that was about six metres long – that took me a whole day.

Will you always love loom bands?

Yeah, I think I will probably love loom bands forever.

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Does Harriet’s enthusiasm remind you of any childhood obsessions? Tell us which craze used to eat into your pocket money every week in the comments box below.

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