WHSmith Presents: How to Wrap Loose Jewellery with Jane Means

WHSmith Presents: How to Wrap Loose Jewellery with Jane Means

How to Wrap Loose Jewellery with Jane Means Transcript

I’m Jane Means, gift wrapping expert for WHSmith.

One of the main things we give and receive at Christmas is jewellery and they can be very hard to wrap because they come in various shapes and sizes. I’ve come up with a really unique way, exclusive to WHSmith on how to wrap this.

I’m using some leftover paper and a small bow and some double-sided tape. What I’m doing with my piece of paper is I’m folding it over like that so both of those lines match. And I’m then going to fold it in half again. Double-sided tape. I’m going to measure along that side. I’m now going to add that tape at the edge and stick down. Do this quite slowly so it all matches.

I’m then going to get my pearl and Swarovski necklace and very gently wrap it around my fingers. You can alternatively wrap it in some tissue as well. I’m placing it into the triangle. I’m then going to fold in the edges here at right angles. And then just to finish off I’m turning it over like that, just to give it a really neat finish. Your double-sided tape, I’m going to go all the way round just so I’ve got no gaps showing. I’m then going to stick this down.

And then to finish off you can place your bow wherever you wish. And it’s a good idea if you’re unsure where to put the bow to hover above just to have a look. And there is our triangular gift.

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