WHSmith Presents: How to Wrap a Cylinder with Jane Means

WHSmith Presents: How to Wrap a Cylinder with Jane Means

WHSmith Presents How to Accessorise your Gifts: Turn your Wrapped Present into a Masterpiece Transcript

I’m Jane Means, gift wrapping style expert for WHSmith and I’m going to be tackling a cylinder.

The items that you need for this are your wrapping paper, sharp scissors, your tags, a pen to write, double-sided tape and a bow. I’ve pre-measured the paper already.

You need enough wrapping to go around the cylinder with a small overlap of about 3cm or an inch and the sides should be just over the half way mark. But if your scissor cutting isn’t good, you can just turn the paper under about half a cm/third of an inch and get your double-sided tape and go a way down that edge.

You’re going to peel the double-sided tape off and then stick paper around the tube. To make it easy for you, it’s better to stand the object up but we don’t want to wreck the paper so what I’m going to do is very casually fold one end and just sit the object up.

So to start off I’m pulling the paper into the centre and I’m using a finger to hold it in place and then bit by bit I’m going to be pulling it into the middle in small pleats. If you find the paper doesn’t want to pleat, you can also get your fingers into a line and force the paper along the fingers to help make that pleat. And if you get any excess paper showing such as the white here just get your scissors and cut it away.

We’ve measured just over the half way mark so I’m just going to fold that excess under and I’m going to get my double-sided tape and just pop the very small piece underneath to secure it. So that’s one side done, let’s do the other. It’s now time to write the tag.

I’m also going to be adding a decorative bow. And what I’m going to do is add the star on using the double-sided tape at the top so that star falls down at the side and then add the bow to finish. And there’s our decorative cylinder.

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