WHSmith Presents: How to Wrap a Cuddly Toy with Jane Means

WHSmith Presents: How to Wrap a Cuddly Toy with Jane Means

Jane Means: How to Wrap a Cuddly Toy Transcript

I’m Jane Means, gift wrapping expert for WHSmith, and what child doesn’t love to receive a teddy for Christmas or for birthday? They can be a real challenge to wrap, as they come in many shapes and sizes, but I’m going to show you a great technique; how to tackle this.

The items that I’m going to be using are my wrapping paper, ribbon, scissors, double-sided tape, I’m going to add some jingle bells on this one, and my teddy.

Firstly what I’ve done is I’ve actually prepared my paper, and the size that I’ve cut roughly equaits to about three times the size of the bear with some excess at the sides. And I’ve added my double-sided tape all the way down one side. I’m going to bring the opposite side in, crease it as you go along, peel the tape away and stick it down. So you now have a nice clear seam in the center. I’m going to fold one of the ends, and I tend to fold it in at a very slight taper so when it’s stuck down you don’t get any bulky edges sticking out. I find if you turn it over just the once you do get rough edges showing, that can be quite sharp, so I’m going to actually fold it over twice. And you get that really good polished finish. I need my double-sided tape to secure it, and I’m going to go all the way down that edge and stick.

Now this is the fun bit, putting the teddy bear inside the bag. And I’m going to be doing a similar technique to what I did before by folding the edge in at a slight taper. Many items will come very buckled when you wrap them with paper so it’s a good idea to add a contrasting feature to take the eye away from it. And I’m going to be using a contrasting paper to make a band. I’ve cut a strip of paper and I’ve folded in both of the long sides. And what I’m going to be doing is just folding one of the short edges under. I’m adding my double-sided tape, measure what you need and stick it down. I’m then going to look at the bag and try and find if there are any visual seams. There’s a little seam here. So what I’m going to do is have that as the back, and the rest of the object, I’m going to bring my band around like so.

I’m then turning it over, and I’m going to add my ribbon and decorations. So I need to measure how much ribbon I need for the bow, and the easiest thing to do is to keep the ribbon on the roll, and very casually I’m lifting it above the gift and I’m going to mold a pretend bow with my fingers. Cut your ribbon, and you should have the perfect quantity. And then grab the ribbon at both ends and give it a tie. You may want to add a tag, I’m going to actually add some jingle bells for a bit of fun, as it’s a child’s gift. I’m going to thread these onto the ribbon and finish off with a simple bow. You can also fold the ribbon in half and cut the ribbon at an angle, and then you get a fishtail effect. And there we have our cuddly toy. Alternatively, you can swap the colours around and have your contrasting papers looking like this.

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