WHSmith Presents: How to Wrap a Box with Jane Means

WHSmith Presents: How to Wrap a Box with Jane Means

Jane Means: How to Wrap a Box Transcript

I’m Jane Means, gift wrapping style expert for WHSmith.

I’ve prepared my paper, and I need enough to go around the box with a small overlap. I’ve also turned under one of the edges in case your scissor cutting isn’t perfect. And when you’re measuring the sides, this is the biggest mistake people make, they have too much paper. So in a perfect world, your paper doesn’t want to go any higher than the top of the box. The first thing I’m going to do is add my double-sided tape all the way along the top that I folded over. Peel the tape away, and what I do, is I’m trying to disguise the seam on the edge of the box because if you think when you buy a gift bag, you never have a seam going right through the middle, it’s always disguised on the edge of the gift bag. So what I do is I get the paper positioned exactly where I want it to be, I don’t stick it to the box, all I’m doing is hovering overhead like that, to see where the edge of the box is. Bringing the paper around and sticking it down. And that is how you get the seam perfect on the edge of the box.

I’m now going to do the folding of the box. First thing I’m going to do is get my hands and push the paper down. And the important bit is to get two fingers and get right into the corners and crease the paper as you go along. So you get both of the angles matching exactly the same. Pull the paper in, really pull it in, and get your little fingers and crease the paper as you go along. Certainly if you’re using thicker paper, it’ll be a lot more manageable by doing this. A great little trick when you’re finishing the sides, is to bring the paper up and you’ll see the letter V at each side. And what I do is fold the paper out first, I use the line and then fold the paper under. So I’m folding it out first of all, and then using that line there to fold the paper under, and then hopefully you should get it matching perfectly with those two letter V’s. I’m then going to secure it with my double-sided tape. And repeat the other side.

And now to the fun part, the accessorising, which is my favourite bit. And I love these collections where you can pick and choose the various embellishments. I’m going to be using some paper trim. What I’m going to do is go around the box, I’m not randomly cutting the amount just yet, I’m going to measure what I want. So I’m going to go around a couple of times with my trim, and then I’m going to do the same the other way. And I’m using that as a measurement to measure the other end. So I’m just going to secure these at the moment and give them a tie. What I’m going to do is slightly tease all of the ends to give that volume effect. I love to mix and match so I’m actually going to use the kraft variation as well. And what I’m going to be doing is unravelling both ends, get them together in your hands, I’m just going to around and around. I’ve got a collection of circles, I’m going to do a pinch in the center and then I’m going to tie those on into the center. And then to finish off I’m going to write my tag and add it onto the present. Add the tag on and finish off with a simple bow. Try and ensure your loops are the same size as all of the other loops. And there we have our wrapped box.

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