WHSmith Presents How to Accessorise your Gifts: Ruffled Ribbon

WHSmith Presents How to Accessorise your Gifts: Ruffled Ribbon

Jane Means: How to Accessorise your Gifts with Ruffled Ribbon Transcript

I’m Jane Means, gift wrapping expert for WHSmith, and for this project I really want to use two ribbons that complement each other. So I’ve gone for a gold and a bright pink satin ribbon. I’m also going to be using some double-sided tape and some scissors. My box has been wrapped already and I’ve actually joined the papers quite cleverly and then I’ve added some ribbon around using double-sided tape to stick it over the seam. I’m now going to make a bow to go on top of it.

What I’ve done is cut a small piece of the pink ribbon and added some double-sided tape ready. The gold ribbon, I’m going to add some double-sided tape at the end of it. What I’m now going to do is a circle, because what I’m doing is squashing that circle to make a figure of eight. And then what I’m doing from side to side is I’m going to do a zig zag feature, slightly enlarging the loops as I go along. And I tend to find that I get to about three and then I run out of hands. So I’m going to stop about there. You just want to check that all the loops are roughly the same size and it’s now that I would cut the ribbon.

I’m then going to get my small remnant of pink ribbon, I’m going to have that in one hand, and with the other hand very carefully I’m going to pop this pink remnant around the center. You have a couple of options, you can pop the bow to one side, you can pop it in the center, or you can pop it along like that, it’s entirely up to you. Pop your tape on in the center and I’m gently going to lower the bow. Just make sure that the pink ribbon is level all the way through. You can then get your fingers, plump the loops up and you get this wonderful ruffle effect. And that’s our gift.

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