“Keep reading. It’s one of the most marvellous adventures that anyone can have.” – Lloyd Alexander.

We truly believe that one of the few items you can buy in this world that will make you richer is books. We all have novels that we hold dear to our hearts, whether they remind us of certain points in our lives, opened our eyes to a new world or simply stole our hearts with captivating characters, we learn, wonder and grow from the stories we love. And so it comes as no surprise that one of the most trusted ways we discover our favourite books is through recommendations. When we turn that final page on a book we’ve fallen for, our first instinct is to press that book into the hands of our nearest and dearest and wait for them to fall in love too. And when someone who knows our tastes presents us with a book we ‘just have to read’, quite often we end up discovering a gem we would never have heard of on our own.

Here at WHSmith, we’re lucky enough to be followed by a vast variety of book enthusiasts brimming with reviews and recommendations, and we always enjoy hearing your thoughts on your latest read. As part of our new project #WHSBookmarks, we want to hear your recommendations for the books that have left a mark on you. Every few weeks we’ll choose a genre or theme to discuss on our social channels, and we’ll be asking for your opinion on topics such as who your favourite debut author is, who the most underrated characters are and which books you find yourself reading again and again. If we’re talking about YOUR genre and you have more than one answer then that’s fine, you can nominate more than one. As we go along we’ll be providing lots of relevant posts on our blog, including some guest posts from exciting authors, and there will be plenty of giveaways and competitions to get involved with too.

To kick things off, our first genre will be Crime and Thrillers. There will be plenty of discussions around all sorts of topics, whether you’re interested in detectives, villains, debut authors, long-running series, bizarre crime scenes or shocking twists; there will be something for all crime fans to get stuck into. We’ll start you off with our top 10 crime and thrillers we’re anticipating for 2015 so keep your eyes open and let us know what you think. To join in, simply follow our discussions, tell us your recommendation (or better yet share it from our website) and tag it with #WHSBookmarks. We’ll be watching on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Instagram and Pinterest.

If you have any suggestions for themes/genres we should be talking about, or questions that you’d love to debate with fellow book lovers then let us know using the hashtag #WHSBookmarks #Ideas.

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