What Will My Child Learn During Key Stage 2?

What Will My Child Learn During Key Stage 2?

Core subjects

Your child will continue with the 11 core subjects they started in key stage 1, including Maths, Science, English, ICT, History, Geography, Design and technology, Art and design, Music, PE and RE. As well as these, your child should be given the opportunity to learn a foreign language, and your child’s teacher will also help develop personal and social skills such as cooking and nutrition.


Key stage 2 maths will work to help improve your child’s confidence and accuracy using number systems, mental maths and calculating using all four number operations; adding, subtracting, long multiplication and long division. Your child will also start to develop connections between what they have learned and more complicated mathematics such as fractions and decimals. Key skills your child will start to explore include:

  1. Fractions and decimal place value
  2. Reading and spelling maths vocabulary confidently
  3. Fluency with whole numbers
  4. Geometry and analysing shapes
  5. Using measuring instruments accurately
  6. Memorising the 12 multiplication table
  7. Long division
  8. Interpreting statistics
  9. Handling data
  10. Percentages and ratio
  11. The basic language of algebra


Your child will begin to explore language in different situations and with various audiences in key stage 2, to continue learning and having fun with how language works. Class work will involve lots of group discussion and interaction with some drama as well to develop their understanding and vocabulary. Improving spelling and joined handwriting will also be areas to work on, as well as learning to read silently and controlling sentence structure. Key skills your child will start to explore include:

  1. Punctuation
  2. Handwriting presentation
  3. Understanding how writing differs to speaking
  4. Developing vocabulary
  5. Encouraging independent, fluent and silent reading
  6. Understanding how spelling works to a level where they can spell unfamiliar words
  7. Able to discuss, perform and debate based on what they have read
  8. Justifying thoughts on what they’ve read in group discussion


Children will begin to connect ideas and apply their knowledge to explain simple theories in key stage 2, whilst broadening their view of the world around them. They will explore environments and things around them, discussing topics such as living things, materials, forces and light, whilst beginning to use scientific language and data to present findings. Key skills your child will start to explore include:

  1. Using data to answer questions
  2. Identifying differences and changes related to simple scientific ideas
  3. Plants and animals
  4. Light, reflection and shadows
  5. Forces and magnets
  6. Living things and habitats
  7. States of matter
  8. Sound and electricity

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