What To Read After Fifty Shades Of Grey

What To Read After Fifty Shades Of Grey

The first book in the trilogy was an overnight smash hit success, and the following two went on to become bestsellers, too. But why can’t we get enough of Christian and Anastasia? Well, a lot of the books’ popularity certainly lies in the fact that they have the ability to sweep us away from our everyday lives into a world of erotic passion.

If you’ve finished the Fifty Shades of Grey series, here are some more erotic novels that may just get you hot under the collar…

Grey – E. L. James

Well of course we’re going to kick this list off with Grey, the fourth book in the Fifty Shades series which is due out on the 18th June. Giving us a rare insight into the mysterious mind of Christian Grey, readers will get the chance to relive the couple’s relationship from his perspective as he reveals what was going through his mind when Ana first stepped into his office. We’ll also hear about the emotions that Christian was so unused to and the dreams that he experiences throughout their relationship. Sure to be intimate, revealing and passionate, we can’t wait to hear Christian’s side of the tale.

Bared to You – Sylvia Day

If you’re not into X-rated details, probably best to give this one a miss (although, if you’ve read the Fifty Shades books, chances are you’re used to detailed descriptions). Bared to You is the first in Sylvia Day’s Crossfire series, and is told through the eyes of Eva – a smart, self-assured young woman who finds herself in the clasps of the charismatic Gideon. Both come from tormented pasts and begin to heal each other with the power of their bodies. The characters feel co-dependent at times and become fiercely devoted to one another, which leads to some rather, shall we say, intense moments.

Gabriel’s Inferno – Sylvain Reynard

The first book in Sylvain Reynard’s intoxicating series, many claim this book has the perfect combination of Twilight’s obsessive yearning with Fifty Shade’s intensity. Gabriel’s Inferno explores the power of forbidden love, as Gabriel – a highly-respected, undeniably good-looking university professor – meets sweet and innocent graduate student Julia. The connection is instant, but could this attraction jeopardise his career? Gabriel is tortured by his dark past, but Julia could be the one to help him learn that both forgiveness and love are possible. Wildly passionate and captivating, this is one you’ll certainly want to add to your collection.

Release Me – J. Kenner

If your guilty pleasure is reading books about a tortured bazillionaire who has to fight to get the innocent girl, you’re sure to be a fan of this one. But there’s a difference: Nikki is by no means a virgin and is certainly no wilting flower – she doesn’t shy away from demanding what she wants from the edgy and intense Damien. As well as being a deeply sensual story, it also packs an emotional punch that readers may not be expecting.

The Submissive – Tara Sue Me

Book one of the Submissive trilogy introduces Abby King – a young woman with a secret fantasy. Abby’s life as a librarian certainly isn’t fulfilling her needs, so she offers herself to Nathaniel – a handsome, dominant CEO – to meet these hidden desires. She fully submits to Nathaniel’s terms, yet he always remains distant and cold. Will she ever win his heart as well as his body, or will she have to walk away? A very addictive book full of passion and desire, there are some steamy scenes involving the Super Bowl and a piano (albeit not at the same time)!

Glimmer – Beth Kery

Beth Kery’s recently published novel Glimmer is full of unexpected twists and turns; prepare to be captivated, seduced, and unable to put the book down. Alice has just graduated, so is surprised to be offered a job at the prestigious Durand Inc. by billionaire CEO Dylan Fall. But he sees something in her during the interview: “You’re a goddess disguised as a bad-girl math geek,” he declares. And so ensues a mysterious sexual tension. However, Alice senses a secret or two lurking in Dylan’s past… will she find out what they are?

The Siren – Tiffany Reisz

This erotic novel begins with Zach, an editor, who is forced to work alongside Nora – a mysterious author who also happens to be his fiction-writer rival. Nora’s subject matter is somewhat different to his, though, and he wants nothing to do with her until he begins reading her erotic novels and is hooked. Nora’s latest novel is different to some of her others, though; it’s based on personal experience. The Siren is shocking and taboo at times, describing her encounters with several men – not just Zach – which makes for some interesting reading.

Hardwired – Meredith Wild

Hardwired is the first in Meredith Wild’s Hacker series and is told in the first person by Erica Hathaway – a tough-as-nails, stubborn woman who is putting her all into her start-up business. Blake, an investor, is captivated by her unassuming beauty and attempts to push past all her barriers to infiltrate himself into her world. He’s made his fortune in software, so knows a thing or two about computers, meaning he can find out information on just about anyone. Is Erica “hardwired” to behave in certain way, or does Blake have what it takes to reprogram her?

Backstage Pass – Olivia Cunning

The first book of the Sinners on Tour series is similar to Fifty Shades on the erotic front, but the male protagonist, Brian Sinclair, is anything but a male chauvinist; he’s a hopeless romantic, who has been left heartbroken. Brian is also the lead singer of the Sinners, a famous bad-boy rockband, who Myria – a psychologist specialising in human sexuality – meets at a conference. However, it’s not just Brian who falls for her; the other members of the band all try to seduce her, too. Myria quickly becomes Brian’s muse, which takes the whole band to new levels of glory.

The First Time We Met – Pippa Croft

Bringing a touch of class to the erotic genre, The First Time We Met (the first book in the sizzling Oxford Blue series) is somewhere between Fifty Shades and Downton Abbey. Set at Oxford University with rolling countryside scenes, it follows Lauren Cusack – an American daughter of a senate – who comes to Oxford to study. She gets more than she bargains for when she meets Alexander – a devilishly handsome aristocrat who shows her just how the other half live. Mind-blowing passion follows as Lauren is drawn into his world of status.

Knight’s Mistress – CC Gibbs

Knight’s Mistress is the first in CC Gibbs’s All or Nothing series, introducing 32-year-old self-made billionaire Dominic Knight. Kate is delighted to be offered a job at Knight Enterprises, until she meets Dominic himself – the CEO with an infamous temper. He can also be incredibly charming when he wants to be, and Dominic is used to getting what he wants; but once he’s won her, will she be able to escape? With poetically erotic love scenes and an unpredictable plot, CC Gibbs certainly knows how to write the ultimate alpha male.

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