What Does Your Handwriting Say About You?

What Does Your Handwriting Say About You?


Slants to the left: If your handwriting slants to the left, experts suggest you may like to keep to yourself, usually preferring to work alone or behind the scenes. If your writing slants to the left and you hold your pen with your right hand, you may even be conveying the ‘rebellion’ in you.

Slants to the right: Handwriting that slants to the right tends to be that of a sociable person who loves meeting people and is open to new experiences. You may enjoy listening to feedback and you can be overly reactive.

No slant at all: If your handwriting is straight up and down then your thinking may be the same. This could mean you’re practical and logical, and are guarded with your emotions.


Wide spacing between letters: If the spacing between your letters is wide, it may be that you’re someone who feels lonely and isolated.

Narrow spacing between letters: If your spacing is narrow, experts say you may like to be in the company of others and are close to many people.

Unconnected first letter: An unconnected first letter could indicate that you’re very observant and like to pause to weigh up a decision before jumping into anything.

Wide spacing between words: If you have wide spacing between your words, you may particularly dislike being overwhelmed and enjoy your freedom.

Narrow spacing between words: On the other hand, narrow spacing can suggest you hate being alone and can be somewhat intrusive.


Do others have to use a magnifying glass to read your writing, or is it so big that a couple of sentences fill a page? Graphologists say that the size of your letters indicate how ‘tall’ you feel in the world, and how much space you think you’re entitled to take up.

Large writing: Large writing suggests that you may love being centre of attention and having the spotlight on you. You’re likely to have as big a personality as your handwriting and be very outgoing – almost egocentric. Is this the reason so many celebrities have large writing?

Small writing: Small handwriting can mean you’re shy, withdrawn and somewhat introspective, but you’re very focused and good at concentrating.

Average sized writing: As you may have predicted, average-sized handwriting can mean you’re grounded, well-adjusted and adaptable to change.


Ultimately, your signature tells the world who you are, and this part of graphology is fairly self-explanatory.

Clear and legible signature: What you see is what you get; there’s no hidden agenda with you and you may be very confident and comfortable in your own skin.

Illegible signature: Similarly, experts say that if your signature writing is illegible then you could be hiding something or trying to disguise the ‘real’ you. Quite literally, you are ‘hard to read’!

Underlined signature: If you underline your signature, you could think that others are beneath you, and if it contains big circles then this could indicate you’re a very private person who tries to protect themselves.


What does your handwriting say about you?

Some say it’s a case of whether your writing resembles sticks or stones. Would you say your handwriting is rounded and bubbly or pointed and spiky?

Round: Rounded could mean you are artistic and a ‘creative’ character.

Pointed: Pointed letters with small loops could suggest you are intense, aggressive, curious or very intelligent.

Joined up: If you have ‘joined up’ handwriting you tend to be very pragmatic; you may make decisions in a careful, logical and systematic way.


Perhaps your handwriting becomes more ‘loopy’ when you write with a good fountain pen, but Ls and Es are a good way of showing how you loop as standard.

Narrow L loops: If you have narrow L loops, it could be that you’re holding back or restricting yourself in some way. As a result, you could be feeling tense.

Wide L loops: Wide L loops mean that you’re likely to have a relaxed and laid-back approach to life. You also live for the moment – you’re very spontaneous – and have no problem expressing your emotions.

Narrow E loops: Narrow E loops can suggest you are doubtful and cynical of others, and you don’t tend to let the emotions of others change your opinion on a matter.

Wide E loops: Wide E loops could indicate that you’re up for taking on new experiences and situations and that you’re very liberal and easy-going.


Do you push your pen so hard into your pad of paper that you’re constantly renewing your stationery sets?

Heavy pressure: While heavy pressure isn’t a bad thing – it can mean you’re very committed, dedicated and take things seriously – if the pressure is excessive, it can mean that you’re uptight and don’t take being criticised very well.

Light pressure: If you’re very light-handed and don’t apply much pressure at all with your pen when writing, you could have a sensitive personality, possibly with a lack of enthusiasm and empathy.

Quick writing: If you’re burning holes in your stationery due to your quick writing, you may be impatient and don’t appreciate time-wasters.

Slow writing: Write slowly? You could have a methodical personality.

Individual letters

We’ve looked at the letters L and E, but how do you dot your i’s and cross your t’s?

I’s: Graphologists claim that circling your i’s could indicate that you’re still somewhat child-like and idealistic. If the dot is high up it could mean that you have a vivid imagination and like to think ‘outside of the box’ (or page, if your dot goes too high!). A dot to the left could suggest that you’re a procrastinator. A centralised dot means you may pay attention to detail, you’re organised and emphatic.

T’s: When it comes to your t’s, short crosses show signs of lazy traits in your personality. Long crosses can suggest you’re determined (verging on stubborn) and enthusiastic. If you cross at the top of the ‘t’, you may be optimistic and ambitious. If you cross right in the middle it could mean you feel comfortable in your own skin.

S’s: The letter ‘s’ can also reveal information about you, say experts. Round s’s may mean you avoid confrontation and are a ‘people-pleaser’. Pointy s’s could mean you are intellectual (the higher the peaks, the more ambition you possess). An open s at the bottom could be a sign that you’re not following your heart.

Do any of these handwriting traits ring true with you? Let us know your thoughts in the comments box below.