What Do I Need to Know About Exams During Key Stage 4?

What Do I Need to Know About Exams During Key Stage 4?


GCSEs bring together all that your child has learned during their time in education. They are very important exams and will stand as proof of your child’s skills and capabilities, shaping their next steps for the future. GCSEs typically take place during May and June of year 11, with many schools holding mock examinations prior to this in order to identify your child’s progress and competencies, as well as any areas needing improvement and attention. GCSE results play a large part in your child’s future in terms of which college (and university) they can study at, as well as future employment.


NVQs are qualifications that recognise a pupils’ individual competence, including their knowledge, understanding and skills they apply in a work environment. The benefits of NVQs are that they are open to all people regardless of their gender or age; they also enhance employability, productivity and transferability. NVQs are awarded through training and assessment, and certification is provided to candidates able to prove they have the capability to carry out their job to the expected standard.

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