We’ve Been Reading this Week

We’ve Been Reading this Week

The Museum of Extraordinary Things

The Museum of Extraordinary Things – Alice Hoffman

This is a compelling story, revealed through the individual accounts of the two main characters, Eddie and Coralie, while being interspersed with a stunning narrative, full of beautifully descriptive passages. Its mix of real events, personal tragedy, mystery and romance combine to produce a tale almost reminiscent of a gothic horror story. The reader is drawn uneasily into a seedier side of New York around 1911, where Professor Sardie is prepared to go to extreme lengths to secure exhibits for his museum. A brilliant read which left me wanting more.

The First Fifteen Lives of Harry August

The First Fifteen Lives of Harry August – Claire North

A clever concept, the book is a science-fiction thriller which grasps the reader from the outset. I was gripped by Harry August’s quest to save the world from ultimate destruction, and touched by his attempts to learn from the mistakes he has made in previous lives as he tries to outwit his equally astute enemy. It consistently left me wondering what would happen next.

The Devil in the Marshalsea

The horror and degradation facing the inmates of the marshalsea debtors’ prison is well documented in this story of murder, corruption and complicity in the 1720s. The main characters, particularly Tom Hawkins and Samuel Fleet are well defined and the fast paced action maintains the suspense until the last chapter. An entertaining read.

The Best of Miranda: Favourite Episodes Plus Added Treats - Such Fun!

The Best of Miranda: Favourite Episodes Plus Added Treats – Such Fun! – Miranda Hart

If you liked Miranda Hart’s BBC sitcom ‘Miranda’, then this book is for you. Written by the lady herself, her charming personality bursts off the page and I had a smile on my face right the way through reading. Including six scripts from the TV series, you can relive the series and truly appreciate the well-written humour throughout, plus Miranda includes her own thoughts on each episode. As random as she is, there’s also some fun little extras, including funny pieces of gossip, photos and even a board game. Definitely don’t miss out on this one if you’re a Miranda fan!

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