We Can’t Believe These Paper Sculptures are Real

We Can’t Believe These Paper Sculptures are Real

Stars (White), by Christine Kim

Flamingos are in the House, by Paperwolf

Curved Pleat Shell (2), by Richard Sweeney

Artists who Make Pieces, Artists who do Books, by Noriko Ambe

Golden Swan, by Le Creative Sweatshop

Object #4 Ordinary Behaviour Project, by Kevin LCK

Paper Furniture, by Unit1707

Boobook, by Anna Wili Highfield

Derailing my Train of Thought, by Thomas Wightman

The Mad Hatter’s Tea Party, by Jodi Harvey Brown

Let It Bleed 10, by Vally Nomidou

Golden Gate Bridge and San Francisco, by Christina Lihan

Black Backed Kingfisher, by Diana Beltran Herrera

A Caste on the Ocean, by Wataru Itou

Head and Torso, by Lisa Nilsson

Cosmic Complex, by Jen Stark

Bear, by Calvin Nicholls

Half Way Through, by Peter Callesen

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