Twilight: Top 10 Most Romantic Moments

Twilight: Top 10 Most Romantic Moments

1.Bella and Edward meet (Twilight)

We all know the first meeting between the pair wasn’t hugely successful – Edward glared at Bella, with a look of pure repulsion (we later find out it’s because he is intensely attracted to the smell of her blood and is trying to control himself). However, their first slightly awkward conversations in class are the start of something special – the entire love story that ensues!

2.Bella and Edward’s first ever kiss (Twilight)

The first kiss comes after the pair spends the afternoon in the meadow, Bella noticing how Edward’s skin sparkles in the sunlight. At one point, Bella leans in too close and he jumps up and runs to the edge of the clearing – finding it hard to stave off his animal instinct to kill her, despite deeply loving her. After throwing Bella onto his back and zooming down the hill at lightning speed, a dizzy Bella stops to rest at her truck – and Edward sits next to her. As he moves in for the kiss, it’s impossible not to swoon…

3.Bella and Edward’s first dance (Twilight)

Alice gets Bella all dressed up – she’s not quite sure why, but all becomes apparent when a dapper-looking Edward turns up on her doorstep in a tuxedo and invites her to the prom. She protests “I honestly can’t dance!” to which he replies in a whisper: “Don’t worry, silly… I can.” He then places her arms around his neck and takes the lead as they whirl effortlessly around the room – and Bella ends up having the time of her life!

4.Bella saves Edward from sacrificing himself to the Volturi (New Moon)

In proper ‘Romeo and Juliet’ style, Edward – believing Bella to be dead – travels to Italy to request that the Volturi (the vampire royalty) put an end to his life. Cue a frantic race-against-time as Bella (who is very much alive) and Alice try to get there in time to stop him. Luckily they do, and Edward tells Bella just how much she means to him: “Bella, I can’t live in a world where you don’t exist.”

5.Bella and Jacob kiss (Eclipse)

The most romantic moments in the Twilight series are shared by Bella and Edward. However, the tension builds between Jacob and Bella throughout Eclipse and, around the halfway mark of the book, Jacob forces an unexpected kiss on Bella. He is certainly determined, proclaiming: “Until your heart stops beating, Bella… I’ll be here – fighting”. She tries to deter him, stating “I don’t want options”, but he stops her protest by kissing her – and it forces her to question her feelings for him.

6.Edward proposes to Bella (Eclipse)

Edward and Bella are alone in the house, and he presents her with a ring that his father once gave to his mother. But then he decides to “do it right”, asking: “Do you mind if I do something?” Bella replies “oh, no” as he slides down onto one knee. “Isabella Swan?” (the reader is by now holding their breath), “I promise to love you forever – every single day of forever. Will you marry me?” After Bella whispers “yes”, Edward kisses her fingers, before kissing the ring that now belongs to Bella. Aww.

7.Bella and Edward’s wedding (Breaking Dawn)

It was the moment every reader was waiting for: Bella and Edward tie the knot. At 700 pages, we hoped it would take place fairly early on in Breaking Dawn, and luckily it did! The ceremony is set in the garden of the Cullen’s house and is described beautifully – it’s almost impossible for the reader not to become emotional as they say their long-awaited vows. Fittingly, they change the vow “till death do us part” to “as long as we both shall live”.

8.When Bella and Edward are on honeymoon (Breaking Dawn)

The newlyweds get up to all sorts of fun on their honeymoon on Isle Esme, including snorkelling, visiting parrots, exploring jungles, watching sunsets and swimming with porpoises. Sounds like the dream holiday to us. We love it when Edward addresses her as “Mrs Cullen”.

9.When Edward can hear their baby (Breaking Dawn)

Bella discovers that she doesn’t have food poisoning; she’s pregnant. Realising that their part-vampire baby could kill her, they find that the only solution is for her to drink gallons of human blood to sustain both herself and the baby. Towards the end of the pregnancy, Edward starts to hear the baby’s thoughts. After hearing that the baby “absolutely adores Bella,” his hate for his child is replaced by a newfound love – after all, Edward could never hate anyone who loves Bella.

10.When Bella lets Edward read her mind (Breaking Dawn)

At the very end of Breaking Dawn, Bella finally lets Edward read her mind, using his expression “I want to try something.” Bella’s power is a mental shield that protects her, but she finally learns to push it away. It takes a lot of concentration and focus, but Bella allows specific memories and thoughts to flood her mind – and, in turn, his. He urgently kisses her and the focus is lost. “We have plenty of time to work on it”, says Bella. “Forever and forever and forever”, replies Edward. Another one of our favourite romantic moments.

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