Twilight: The Coolest Vampire Powers

Twilight: The Coolest Vampire Powers

Edward – mind-reading

As well as possessing superhuman strength, speed, agility, endurance and the ability to heal, Edward’s superpower is – of course – telepathy: he can read the thoughts of those around him. Unlike Aro, who needs to be touching his “target” in order to read their mind, Edward can do it from afar. Hearing the thoughts of everyone within close proximity at the same time could get annoying; luckily, he can “tune out” of the ones he’s not interested in. Frustratingly for him, Bella is the first exception to his gift; until, that is, she “lets him in” at the end of Breaking Dawn.

Alice – seeing into the future

Alice, who is tiny in frame but an agile and capable fighter, has the power to see into the future. Edward explains to Bella: “She sees things – things that might happen, things that are coming. But it’s very subjective. The future isn’t set in stone. Things change.” She uses this power to protect her family, and does so by focusing on a specific person or object (or several at the same time) and keeping track of its decisions. She’s one of the few who isn’t affected by Bella’s shield and – even cooler – she uses her power to earn money by predicting investments in the stock market!

Jasper – feeling and changing emotions

Jasper has the ability to sense and manipulate the emotions of people around him – a power that is known as ‘pathokinesis’. Although described by Edward as a “subtle ability”, it seems pretty strong to us: in Twilight, he managed to calm Bella down to such an extent that she fell asleep. His power is also not limited to vampires and humans – something that was revealed in Eclipse when he manipulated the mood of the Quilette shape-shifters.

Bella – mental shield

Bella’s gift is her very powerful shield – one that has been growing and working without her knowing since she was born. Because of her shield, she is protected from powers of the mind – that means that Edward (and Aro) can’t read her thoughts, Kate can’t shock her, and Jane can’t cause her pain. When she became a vampire, she learned that she could make her shield bigger and protect others, making them immune to mental powers, too. In Breaking Dawn, she protected herself (and her allies) against the Volturi using her shield and (as mentioned) she lifts her shield for Edward at the end of the book, allowing him to read her mind for the first time ever, and bringing them even closer together.

Renesmee – showing people her thoughts

Renesmee, nicknamed “Nessie”, is the daughter of Edward and Bella – thought to be their “miracle child” after everything they went through to keep both mother and daughter alive during pregnancy. She has the power to reveal her thoughts to people by touching them and seemingly breaking down their mental barriers. Her powers come in handy: in Breaking Dawn she is able to show visiting vampires her side of the story, and she also transfers her thoughts onto her mother after she wakes up as a vampire, so that she understands more about herself. Remesmee is one of a kind: she’s the only hybrid to possess a gift.

Aro – reading the mind of anyone he touches

Like Edward, Aro can read minds; but only when he has physical contact with them. This is known as “tactile telepathy”, and the longer he touches the person, the more he can see their thoughts. In New Moon, Aro tries to read Bella’s mind but (like Edward) fails due to her powerful mental shield. However, he does do something clever in Breaking Dawn: he uses his gift to see Edward’s thoughts – and, in turn, the thoughts Edward had read in other peoples’ minds.

Alec – numbing the senses

Technically known as “sensory deprivation”, Alec has a gift that is both respected and feared by both the Volturi and the rest of the vampire world: the ability to paralyse the senses (smell, touch, taste, hearing, sight) of anyone he chooses. He uses it carefully to numb the senses of his foes and, because it works from a distance, this means he can fight from the sidelines. When used, his power takes the form of a hazy mist.

Jane – creating an illusion of burning pain

Jane is the twin sister of Alec but, rather than numbing pain, she can deceive the mind of her target into thinking they are being burned alive. When she uses her power, the victim normally falls on the floor, writhing around in excruciating pain. As a result, her presence terrifies even the strongest of vampires.

Zafrina – making people see whatever she wants

Zafrina is an Amazonian warrior vampire with a wild, feral appearance. Bella is intimidated by her fierce, animal-like movements; however, she proves herself to be very kind and caring. Her main superpower is visual projection: she can make most people see whatever it is that she wants them to see. Edward tries to explain to Bella: “For example, right now I would appear to be alone in the middle of a rain forest. It’s so clear I might possibly believe it, except for the fact that I can still feel you in my arms.” Aro must have thought her power was pretty special; he collected vampires with the best talents, and offered her a place among his guard.

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