Top Tips for University Life: An Introduction

Top Tips for University Life: An Introduction

The importance of University

We’ve all heard the expression ‘University of Life’; words normally uttered by those who didn’t go on to higher education. However, University can provide you with both broader career options and greater earning potential. Making yourself more employable by having subject expertise was probably one of the main reasons you applied for University in the first place. While some jobs won’t necessarily require a University education, you will always have an advantage over applicants without one. A degree will also give you the option to work overseas, as it can often make immigration easier.

However, there are less tangible outcomes of higher education which shouldn’t be overlooked; Uni life will allow you to find your own feet and be independent, and will give you the chance to be in an environment which nurtures and rewards debate, inquisition and exploration.

The differences between college and University

Just like your first day at ‘big school’, moving from college to Uni can be a somewhat daunting prospect. For many of you, it’ll be the first time you’ve lived away from home and experienced ‘independent living’. We’ll be discussing the transition of moving from home to Uni in our next two blog posts.

One of the other biggest differences between college and Uni is that you’ll now have to take full responsibility for your study. Used to teachers chasing you for coursework and assignments? Think again. At Uni, you’ll be expected to rely far less on teaching staff and more on yourself. Of course, tutors and lecturers are there to help and guide you, but the emphasis will now be on getting a grip on a subject for yourself. As a result, time management will prove crucial.

You may be used to having just a week to complete assignments at college, but you’ll often have long periods of time at Uni – sometimes up to three months. Although this may sound fantastic, you are allocated this amount of time for a reason; you’re expected to research and understand the subject and then write a draft and tweak it until you’re happy. Don’t fall into the trap of rushing assignments a few days before the due date – last minute panics are never fun, so avoid them at all costs!

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