Top Alfie Deyes Video Moments

Top Alfie Deyes Video Moments

Is Charlie Really So Cool Like? Aug 2009

Let’s take it from the beginning. Alfie’s first ever video on the PointlessBlog Youtube channel was a dark, grainy video in which Alfie talked about one of his favourite vloggers- Charlieissocoollike. Alfie has said that the reason he got into video blogging in the first place was through his own fandom of vloggers like Charlie, so it comes as little surprise that he used this for his first video. Fans of 21 year old Alfie will adore reminiscing over 15 year old Alfie, as he was already showing signs of the charismatic, cheeky persona that comes through in his later videos.

Airports Are Depressing July 2010

Following his very first video, Alfie uploaded a series of videos about whatever his teenage self was thinking about that day. Clearly still trying to find his feet (and lighting!), Alfie’s loveable personality and generally happy disposition still shone through.

Liquid Fry Up Challenge July 2011

By the time we got to 2011, Alfie’s videos were more heavily edited and had a narrative, he’d found some lighting and music, and we were taken on outings away from his parent’s house (!). Moving away from discussing random topics, Alfie started to undertake challenges and was including his Youtube star friends in his videos.

Would You Rather June 2012

One of the things that Alfie’s fans love most about him is his commitment to keep in touch with them, no matter how large his fan base grows. One of his goals for 2014 was in fact to meet more of his fans. He might have been eating his words after 8000 of you turned up to one of his early book signings! In this video, Alfie and fellow vlogger Marcus Butler reached out on facebook for ‘would you rather’ questions to answer, steering towards the random content that we know and love Alfie for.

Zoella Does My Makeup Sept 2012

Zoe AKA Zoella (current girlfriend) appeared on Alfie’s blog for the first time in this video to give Alfie a makeover. The chemistry between them was clear from the beginning.

Girls Are Confusing Feb 2013

A few months after meeting Zoella, Alfie posted a video titled “Girls Are Confusing”. Alfie started showing off more of his random, fun-loving personality here, pulling surreal objects out of his ‘sister’s’ handbag.

Ariana Grande Does My Makeup Oct 2013

In late 2013, Ariana Grande made a couple of videos with Alfie, demonstrating how big Alfie’s name was becoming on the internet. Ariana gave Alfie a makeover that didn’t quite compare to Zoe’s previous effort the year before, and the pair appeared on You Generation’s channel with a Q and A for Ariana.

My Youtube Story 2014 Feb 2014

Each year Alfie posts a video summing up his previous year and talking about what he wants to come out of the current year. Humble and down to earth as always, Alfie thanked his fans for all the fun he had last year and hoped to meet as many fans as possible this year.

The Yoga Challenge June 2014

Alfie took his happy, random videos up a notch this year with hilarious challenges and collaborations with other Youtube stars. His commitment to his videos also increased – check out the lycra in this one!

Guess The Body Part Aug 2014

Zalfie is alive and well! Zoe announced that the two were officially together in Aug 2013, although many fans suspect that it was going on since Feb/March 2013. Zoe and Alfie now appear in each other’s videos often, and have an adorable relationship that fans affectionately refer to as ‘Zalfie’. Alfie has matured before our eyes, from an inexperienced 15 year old with a cheeky disposition, to a bright, cheerful 21 year old with a love for life and videos that always cheer up his fans. With the world at his feet following the release of his first book ‘The Pointless Book’, we can’t wait to find out what the future holds for Alfie Deyes.

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