Top 20 Christmas Gifts for Children

Top 20 Christmas Gifts for Children

1. Gadget Shop Science – Electric Circuitry Maze Challenge

A fun and challenging game with (dare we say it) educational value, your little one will first learn to assemble an electric circuit, and then afterwards they can play the game by moving the wand from one end of the maze to the other without touching the wire and setting off the bell. The difficulty can be altered by shaping the wire maze, and your child can challenge friends and family to complete the maze afterwards. We have an exciting range of other Gadget Shop Science kits for mini scientists here.

2. Awful Auntie – David Walliams

The master of contemporary children’s books, David Walliams released this fun story about Stella and her wicked auntie Alberta earlier this year. David is fast becoming as well known for his story-writing as his comedy work, and children are engrossed by his books. A perfect gift for Chistmas, the BBC are once again planning to air a film adaptation of one of David’s books this Christmas, so your little one is bound to be pleased to have the latest book to get stuck into afterwards.

Maisey & Daisy Design Your Own Canvas Bag

3. Maisey & Daisy Design Your Own Canvas Bag

What child wouldn’t want to design their very own canvas bag? With a selection of felt shapes, buttons and iron-on transfers, your little one can get creative and design a bag that meets their personal style. From the Maisey and Daisy range, you can expect pretty butterflies, hearts and flowers to use as decoration, and there’s plenty of other make your own crafts projects available from them to complement your little one’s bag.

4. The Blood of Olympus (Heroes of Olympus) – Rick Riordan

If your child is a Percy Jackson fan, then you may well have heard about Rick Riordan’s final book in the Heroes of Olympus series already. The Blood of Olympus came out in October and excited fans rushed out to get their copy and find out what happens to the seven demi-gods as they travel to Athens. This is an epic series for older children and teens to explore, and children with an interest in fantasy are sure to love seeing this in their pile of presents.

5. The Snowman Writing Set

Ideal for writing those thank-you letters on Boxing Day, this writing set with images of The Snowman and The Snowdog has an adorable, festive design that little ones will love using. Including notepaper, writing paper and stickers, this Christmas stationery set is sure to be well received by creative children.

6. The Muppet Christmas Carol Film

A Christmas classic, your family will love snuggling up under a blanket this Christmas to enjoy this funny family film. Featuring all the favourite muppet characters, this adaptation of the treasured Dickens’ tale has a fun, child-friendly take on a traditional Christmas story.

Gadget Shop Rocket Alarm Clock

7. Gadget Shop Rocket Alarm Clock

If each morning is a struggle to get your little on out of bed then this rocket alarm clock may be a present for both your child and you to enjoy. With a ‘try me’ function, your little one can launch the rocket to play with during the day, but in the morning the rocket will wake up your child by launching across the room until it’s returned to its launch pad to be deactivated. A fun novelty game to play in the mornings, mini-astronauts will love this!

8. Guinness World Records 2015

Every year the Guinness World Records amaze us with shocking, funny and amazing records that extraordinary people around the world have set. Perfect for adventurous kids with a healthy wonder for the world, this year’s annual is full of more exciting stories and pictures to marvel at. Including the longest tongue, the largest yo-yo and the fastest motorised shopping trolley!

9. Bramblewood Knitted Hand Warmers

Our Bramblewood characters are hugely popular with children, including the sweet owl, fox and racoon. Wrapped up warm for the winter, the characters are back with adorable and practical items to keep your child happy throughout the colder months. The Bramblewood hand warmers are ideal to keep little fingers warm on the way to school and have a cute knitted design that they’re sure to love.

10. Opal Plumstead – Jacqueline Wilson

The author of the most borrowed books from British libraries is back with another captivating character for your little one to read about. Plain but intelligent Opal starts work in a factory aged 14 after her dad is sent to prison and her family begins to struggle. There she meets a range of difficult and some nice characters, and even her ‘soul mate’ the factory owner’s son Morgan. Set in the early 1900’s, the story brings to life a moment in history and makes it relatable for children to enjoy whilst providing another brilliant character for kids to identify with. Jacqueline Wilson fans will be over the moon to find this book under the Christmas tree.

Gadget Shop Spy Tech Spy Voice Changer

11. Gadget Shop Spy-Tech Spy Voice Changer

Help your child run their own spy missions with this spy tech voice changer. Distorting your little one’s voice so that they can report on missions without giving away their identity, this toy is a fun novelty item to play with and is great for imaginative games. Ideal for spying on the neighbour’s cat and saving the world before bedtime, the spy range includes lots of exciting gadgets to fuel your child’s imagination.

12. The First Hippo on the Moon – David Walliams and Tony Ross

If you’re looking for a new picture book to enjoy with a younger child then this colourful story from Tony Ross and David Walliams may be just what you’re after. A cute and unique story of two hippos who dream of travelling to the moon, your child will love the mesmerising pictures and the two of you can giggle over the funny and charming story.

13. Disney Frozen Jigsaw

Frozen made a huge impact when it hit the cinemas at the end of 2013 and children are still humming the catchy songs in the playground today. This fun jigsaw features some of the favourite characters from the film, including Elsa, Anna and Olaf, and is the perfect puzzle to keep them occupied during the Christmas holidays.

14. Ridley’s Magic Trick Cards

If your little one is slightly more advanced in their love for magic then this set of magic card tricks is perfect for testing out their performance skills and learning new ways to surprise and delight friends. With full instructions to help them master a number of card tricks, they’re sure to be excited to get started so that they can practise on the family.

Gadget Shop Mini Electric Guitar

15. Gadget Shop Mini Electric Guitar

Mini rockstars will love playing with this electric guitar which they can build themselves. Teaching your little one the science behind how musical instruments work in a fun and interesting way, the completed design can be tuned and adjusted so that it’s playable. An affordable alternative to the real thing, this set includes a built-in amp, speaker, volume dial and audio-out/headphone jack.

16. Beano Magazine Subscription

A subscription to a magazine or comic is a great way to nurture your child’s love for reading and also provide a little treat to get excited about each week. Beano is particularly popular with kids thanks to its funny jokes, colourful cartoons and mischievous characters; including Dennis the Menace, Minnie the Minx and the Bash Street Kids. Start the subscription just before Christmas so that they have something to open on Christmas day, and put their name down on the address so that every week something arrives in the post for them! They’ll love it!

17. Lets Create Art Set

If your little one has an artistic streak then this art set includes a fantastic selection of pencils, paints and tools that will keep them happy for ages. With a range of bright colours, your child will love creating beautiful pictures and designs that should keep them quiet throughout the Christmas holidays.

18. The Long Haul (Diary of a Wimpy Kid) – Jeff Kinney

Greg Heffley is the fun and relatable lead character in Jeff Kinney’s Diary of a Wimpy Kid series. Following Greg as he navigates school and family life, the series is a massive hit with kids and a light read to enjoy whilst taking a break from boring homework. The latest in the series- The Long Haul- was released this month, and offers another funny adventure for little ones to get stuck into.

Table Top Pinball Game

19. Table Top Pinball Game

This table top pinball set is as fun and exciting as a computer game, without hours spent staring at a screen. With flashing lights and eight different sound effects, this game has plenty of features to amaze your little one. Get the whole family testing their skills and you may be surprised to find out who the pinball wizard of the house is.

20. Ridley’s Magic Guillotine

If your little one fancies themself as a magician, then this guillotine trick is a simple way to practise their skills on friends and family. Creating the illusion of slicing through a person’s finger without causing any harm, others will be impressed by the illusion and your little one will love being in on the trick.

Share your memories of Christmas presents that you loved from your childhood in the comments box below.

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