Top 10 Sports Biographies 2014

Top 10 Sports Biographies 2014

1. Roy Keane- The Second Half

The new autobiography from Roy Keane, written with Roddy Doyle, highlights his many life lessons – and he certainly doesn’t hold back on the details he reveals. Keane had an 18-year playing career, which eventually saw him become captain of Manchester United. The book follows his walk-out from the 2002 World Cup and his retirement, as well as his life as a football manager and respected television pundit. He talks openly about disputes, challenges and personal psychological struggles in this honest and frank account.

2. Brian O’Driscoll- The Test

Often hailed as the greatest rugby player of all time (in 2010 he was named ‘world player of the decade’ by Rugby Magazine), O’Driscoll has had an amazing career since his international debut back in 1999. Now, 15 years later, he is facing retirement and has seen it as an appropriate time to release this gritty and heartfelt account of his journey. The book, all about family, hard work and courage, would surely appeal to even non-rugby fans; an inspirational read.

3.Torvill & Dean- Our Life on Ice

Jayne Torvill and Christopher Dean have always kept their private lives fairly under wraps; until now. Our Life on Ice sees the famous duo open up about their separate hurdles: from Jayne’s struggle to start a family to Chris’s personal heartache. But, of course, they also write about their spectacular skating; the proud moments (when they were awarded maximum scores at the 1984 Winter Olympics), the eight years spent as Dancing on Ice mentors, their hopes for the future and the inspirations behind their routines. For any Torvill and Dean fan out there, they will be relieved that this long-awaited book has finally arrived!

4. Harry Redknapp- A Man Walks on to a Pitch

If you’re looking for an informal take on the history of football, this is the book for you. Here, the manager shares his experiences, choosing a team from each decade – from the 50s to the present day. Redknapp then does what he’s best at: analysing. He looks at what was good and bad with the game from each era, exploring how football has changed and developed over the years. From the multi-million pound lifestyles to their on-pitch tactics, he delves into some legendary players – all of whom he has dealt with first-hand.

5. Guy Martin- My Autobiography

A self-declared speed freak, Guy Martin has always lived life on the edge. As the UK’s top motorcycle racer, star of the Isle of Man TT, television presenter and truck mechanic, he spends a lot of his life surrounded by danger. His autobiography, which was actually released in the spring but remains very popular even now, allows the reader to get into the head of a man always searching for his next high, including his experience of surviving a 170mph crash at the TT in 2010. Be prepared… it’s an exhilarating ride!

6. Alex Ferguson- My Autobiography: One Year On

If you missed last year’s best-seller, fear not – the new and updated version has arrived. This revealing autobiography was a huge hit with football fans across the country in 2013, and the extra material in ‘One Year On’ gives the reader fresh and first-hand insights into the last few years of Sir Alex’s career at Old Trafford. The former Manchester United boss discusses the psychology of management, the story behind how he dominated English football and – as always – he doesn’t hold back on discussing a few of the players who featured in his sides.

7. Ian Poulter- No Limits

One of the biggest names in golf, Poulter’s infectious passion and optimism really come through in this inspirational read. In his autobiography, he strips it back to the beginning, discussing his early days when he staffed the club shop, all the way up to his successive European Ryder Cup Triumphs. His refreshing attitude is said to have changed the sport, and this story of pure will-power is a must-read for any fan of this charismatic golf figure.

8. Phil Taylor- Staying Power: A Year in my Life

Taylor won the darts world championship title a staggering 16 times between 1990 and 2013, so it’s no surprise he’s known as the King of Darts. Staying Power is a year in the life of Phil ‘The Power’ Taylor, taking the reader on a journey of his many ups and downs. From the disasters of being knocked out of the world championship to the triumphs of being nominated twice for the BBC Sports Personality of the Year and the battle of the Grand Slam semi-final, the book shows the raw determination of this legendary sports champion.

9. Kevin Pietersen- KP

At only 34 years old, professional cricketer Pietersen is the highest England run scorer in all international forms of the game combined – so many cricket observers were shocked and confused when Pietersen was dropped from the England squad in February 2014. In this candid autobiography, the man himself reveals the stories of the highs and lows of his life – from being raised in South Africa to his more recent experiences in the limelight. An interesting, entertaining and well-written read.

10. Trevor Brooking- My Life in Football

Born in 1948, Sir Trevor Brooking played over 500 games for West Ham United between the years of 1967 and 1984, winning the FA Cup Trophy twice. His career at West Ham started when he was still at school; he was one of the most in-demand players in London but they were the only club that allowed him to complete his studies. In this book, Brooking reflects on the highlights of a memorable career that allowed him to play with some of the most legendary names in football, taking the reader back to the decades of flared trousers and punk. Director of Football Development at the FA, his respected views on the future of the game are well worth a read.

Which sports autobiographies will you be adding to your Christmas wish-list? Check out our full range of biographies and autobiographies here.

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