Top 10 Christmas Secret Santa Gifts

Top 10 Christmas Secret Santa Gifts

1. Desktop Putting

A fun little set for a moment of distraction at work, this desktop putting set includes one pencil with a putting eraser/golf club, 3 erasers/golf balls and one 100 sheet note block/putting green. Your colleague can practise their putting whilst on the phone, waiting for a file to load or simply watching the clock change from 16.59 to 17.00.

2. The Pointless Book

Youtube star Alfie Deyes caused a huge stir earlier in the year with his first book ‘The Pointless Book’. Capturing his cheeky, random persona in print with a range of games, quizzes and challenges, the book is fun, random and entertaining. Not only great for fans of Alfie, the challenges and questions within the book will provide plenty of funny moments around the office. The ‘would you rather’s and the challenge to turn the page with your toe went down particularly well in our office.

Balloon Animals

3. Balloon Animals

Random, fun and sure to get the whole office involved, this balloon animals kit is a great present for everyone. The balloons have printed lines to help you create the designs, and there’s everything needed to create a dog, a swan and a rabbit within the kit.

4. Mini Party Hats

There’s no better time of year to sport a silly hat than Christmas, and our mini party hats kit includes six novelty designs to make and distribute around the workplace. With a crown, sombrero, cowboy hat, chef’s hat, pirate hat and a fez there will be a hat for every personality and your gift recipient will have plenty of fun putting the hats together.

5. Yoga Cats & Kittens Slim Wall Calendar

A calendar is one of the most practical gifts to give this festive season, and the various options makes it simple to find a theme personal to the person you’re buying for. If you’re struggling to find out their favourite pop star or hobby then why not consider yoga cats; a calendar full of cats showing off their yoga skills. Cute, playful and funny, no one can hate yoga cats!

6. The Snowman Pencil with Snowdog Topper

If you’re looking for something a little less novel, then how about a cute, festive pencil topper that can be used at work. Our snowman and the snowdog pencil topper features an adorable 3D snowdog dangler and the pencil is decorated with sweet images from the cartoon. A great mix of practical and festive for someone you many not know very well.

Edible Eyes

7. Edible Eyes

Providing endless opportunities for fun and pranks, these edible eyes can be stuck on food to create funny characters. Perfect for the prankster in the office, this gift is sure to get a great reaction once unwrapped.

8. Drumstick Pencils

Perfect for the standard finger drummer or tapper in the office, these drumstick pencils can be tapped on the side of the desk to get all that fidgeting energy out. Choose who you give this present to wisely, if the constant finger tapping drives you mad then it’s unlikely to be improved with mini drumsticks.

9. Tattoo Sleeve

An ironic gift for someone that would never dream of getting a tattoo or a funny trial run for someone planning their next one, this pair of faux tattoo sleeves will make a funny gift for the office.

10. Bramblewood Multi-Pen & Sticky Notes

A cute and useful gift, this multi-pen and sticky notes stationery set is decorated with the adorable Bramblewood owl and the pen has 10 different coloured inks to try out. Perfect for anyone that likes to take care with their written presentation and add a little colour to their notes.

Let us know what you’re buying as Secret Santa this year in the comments box below.

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