Top 10 Christmas Gifts For Puzzle Fans

Top 10 Christmas Gifts For Puzzle Fans

1. Jumbo Wasgij Original 1000 Piece Jigsaw Puzzle

If your loved one is something of an expert at jigsaws then why not challenge them this year with this original jigsaw. The image on the puzzle is kept a secret until the jigsaw has been assembled, keeping your loved one guessing right the way through. By removing that helpful reference image on the box lid, your friend will have to rely solely on their skills of deduction to work out how the puzzle fits together. They’ll hate you and love you for it!

2. Gadget Shop A-Maze Ball

This sphere shaped maze will challenge even the most savvy of maze navigators with its multiple layers of routes to get the ball along. Sure to keep your puzzle loving friend quiet right through Boxing Day, this 3D maze will certainly test their skills this Christmas.

3. The Mammoth Book of Codeword Puzzles

If your loved one is always waiting for the next day’s newspaper to bring a new selection of word puzzles their way then why not keep them busy with this bumper collection of codeword puzzles. Including crosswords, dropouts, keywords, coded quotes and long diversions, there’s plenty packed in there to keep them guessing this festive season.

Gadget Shop Genius 3D Ominoes Puzzle

4. Gadget Shop Genius 3D Ominoes Puzzle

This wonderfully unique puzzle is one that can be played again and again to keep your loved one testing their skills this Christmas. Hexagonally shaped, the aim is to place the tiles so that the white dotted tiles add up to the yellow number button that they surround. With 20 white tiles and 12 yellow number buttons to work with, it’s definitely no simple task.

5. Snowy Evening in December 1000 Piece Jigsaw Puzzle

A perfect Christmas jigsaw to gather the family around on Boxing Day, this puzzle features an image of a picturesque village on a snowy evening. Illustrated by Debbie Cook, the image has a quaint, festive appeal and lots of beautiful detail that will look stunning once completed. With 1000 pieces to put together, this winter jigsaw may keep your loved one busy right through the holidays.

6. Gadget Shop Magic Money Box

You can really test your loved one’s puzzling skills this Christmas with this magic money box. The puzzle must be solved in order to reach the contents inside, making it perfect for keeping money safe. Why not add a tantalising detail by hiding another small gift inside for your friend to claim once they’ve solved it.

7. About Britain East Kilbride 1000 Piece Jigsaw Puzzle

Our About Britain range of jigsaws feature beautiful scenes from across Britain with a detailed synopsis providing information about the location on the back. Perfect for puzzle fans that enjoy the result as much as the task at hand, this East Kilbride jigsaw has a beautiful finish and comes in 1000 pieces to assemble.

8. Gadget Shop Genius 4 Wooden Brain Busters

A perfect little stocking filler that can be passed around the family, this pack includes four different wooden puzzles to try your hand at. The trick is to rebuild the puzzles correctly once they’ve been taken apart. Believe us when we say, they’re not as easy as they look!

9. Cash Prize Puzzles Magazine Subscription

If your friend enjoys entering puzzle competitions for the chance to win some handy cash then why not surprise them with a subscription to ‘Cash Prize Puzzles’. Each month your loved one will receive an issue with the chance to enter up to 40 different competitions to win cash prizes. They’re sure to love this gift that keeps on giving!

Gadget Shop Genius The Cube

10. Gadget Shop Genius The Cube

This seven piece wooden puzzle will keep your loved one busy this Christmas. Not as straight forward as it sounds, the trick is to slot the pieces together to form a wooden cube. The solution is included if your friend gets really stuck, but if they’re a true puzzler then we’re sure they’ll want to figure it out for themselves.

What are you planning to buy the puzzle fan in your family? Let us know in the comments box below.