Top 10 Christmas Gifts for Gadget Geeks & Gamers

Top 10 Christmas Gifts for Gadget Geeks & Gamers

1. Joystick for Touchscreens

This clever novelty joystick will bring oodles of retro fun to your friend’s handheld gadget gaming. The joystick can be effortlessly attached to a touchscreen using the sucker, and then used to control games on your friend’s phone or tablet. It’ll make them feel like they’re back in the 80’s, whilst still enjoying the convenience of their handheld gaming device.

2. Gadget Shop Snap Remote

A genius little invention, this snap remote will let you take selfies on your smartphone from 3 metres away. The free app that can be downloaded with it will help your smartphone savvy friend take perfect selfies. And it’s suitable for use with iPhone 4/4S/5/5C, iPad 2/3/Mini, iPod touch and Android phones.

3. Guinness World Records Gamer’s Edition

The Guinness World Records is well-know and well-loved for its annual, filled with amazing and inspiring record holders who have achieved fantastic feats. What you may not have known is that they also release a gamer’s edition which is filled with in-game tips, the latest news, industry expert interviews and hundreds of gaming records. A thrilling read for those with a passion for games and consoles, your gaming friend is sure to enjoy reading through this year’s annual.

Rubiks Cube Light

4. Rubiks Cube Light

This fully playable Rubik’s cube is the ultimate retro gamer’s gift, and it also doubles as a bedside light for up to two hours at a time. There’s a stand included and the light is USB rechargeable for convenience. Your gamer friend is sure to love the retro appeal with this gift.

5. Gadget Shop Remote Control Finder

Gadget geeks can find themselves lost without their remote controls, and so this Gadget Shop remote control finder may be just what they need to ensure they never suffer the pain of a missing controller again. This triple pack can be used on three separate remote controls and can be effortlessly attached using the adhesive sticker included. Your friend can simply whistle for their remote and a bleep sound will let them know where it is.

6. Gadget Shop Octostand

Perfect for everything from using the sat nav on your phone in the car to listening to music at your desk at work, this media device holder will keep your friend’s gadget securely displayed in a range of settings. The flexible octostand can grip, stand and hang from surfaces and is suitable for MP3s, smartphones, mobiles and iPods.

7.Wiper Glasses

OK so this is probably more novelty than necessity but these wiper glasses are still sure to raise a laugh this Christmas. The ultimate ridiculous invention, these large goggles feature moving wipers and flashing lights to stop the rain from blurring your lenses and make sure others can still see you. Not for use outside, these glasses are a great gift for those with an interest in weird and wonderful gadgets.

8. Gadget Shop Smartscreen Gloves

If your gadget-loving friend can’t be seen without their smartphone then these Gadget Shop smartscreen gloves may be ideal for the cold winter months. Keeping their hands wrapped up warm whilst allowing them to use their touchscreen, your friend can happily keep on browsing and gaming no matter the weather. Made from non-scratch material, they won’t need to worry about damaging their device either- perfect!

Gadget Shop Smartscreen Gloves

9. Snap Fisheye Lens

If your friend has a selfie obsession then this fisheye lens will provide a fun effect for their snaps. The lens can be attached to the camera lens on your friend’s phone using the sucker pads, and then distorts the pictures taken to create a cool fisheye effect.

10. Gadget Shop Remote Control Organiser

If your loved one’s gadget obsession has left them with a hoard of remotes and accessories then this Gadget Shop caddy may be ideal to organise their odds and ends. The five compartments are perfect for storing remotes, magazines and reading glasses, and you can even decorate it with four photographs using the built-in frames.