Top 10 Anticipated Crime and Thriller Books 2015

Top 10 Anticipated Crime and Thriller Books 2015

1. The Wronged – Kimberley Chambers (March)

The next instalment in the Butler family’s story, Vinny is due to be released from prison and we’ll find out his reaction to what his family have been doing while he’s been away. ‘Payback’ left us shocked, gripped and desperate to find out what’s in store for this dangerous family, so we’ve been eagerly waiting for this book for a long time now.

2. The Slaughter Man – Tony Parsons (May)

The follow up to the debut of DC Max Wolfe, we can’t wait to see what’s next for our new favourite detective. Another serial killer is on the loose and they seem to be targeting happy families this time. If you’re a fan of Ian Rankin then this is definitely one to take note of.

3. The Stranger – Harlan Coben (March)

Harlan Coben is fantastic when it comes to psychological thrillers and his book ‘Tell No One’ was one of the best in recent years. Now he’s back with a shocking thriller that proves a well placed lie can help build a comfortable life, but a secret revealed has the same power to destroy it.

4. Disobey – Jacqui Rose (March)

Jacqui’s books are always gripping and impossible to put down, ideal for fans of Martina Cole. This new book is set in the Soho gang scene and some new characters are introduced who are sure to provide some thrills.

5. Finders Keepers – Stephen King (June)

Yes, that’s right, Stephen King is back this year with another stunning thriller. Echoing King’s characters in ‘Misery‘, this story follows a vengeful reader who is angry with his favourite author because he has stopped publishing books to sell out for a career in advertising. The results are murder, and the theft of a manuscript usually kept in the author’s safe. We cannot wait!

6. The Melody Lingers On – Mary Higgins Clark (April)

Mary Higgins Clark is always a reliable read – her stories are consistent page turners and the characters are always engaging and easy to relate to. This book centres around a wealthy family and their secrets; theft, disappearances and death. What more could we ask for from a thriller?

7. The Scent of Almonds and Other Stories – Camilla Lackberg (Feb)

We always enjoy it when an author releases a collection of short stories. Allowing us to enjoy the build up of new characters and new settings once again, short stories remind us why we became hooked on an author in the first place and also provide a taster for new fans to try out. Camilla Lackberg has long been a favourite of ours within the genre and so we are particularly excited about this release.

8. Dangerous – Jessie Keane (feb)

Another great choice for fans of Martina Cole, Jessie Keane has a very similar writing style that makes her books hard-hitting and gripping. ‘Dangerous’ follows the life of a 15 year old girl who gets swept up in the Soho underworld’s lifestyle where murder and betrayal are an everyday occurrence.

9. Second Life – S. J. Watson (feb)

Following the huge success of ‘Before I go to Sleep’, S. J. Watson is back with a new psychological thriller about the risks of leading a double life. Watson doesn’t give much away in his blurbs which adds to the sense of excitement around his books.

10. Blood on Snow – Jo Nesbo (April)

With the tag line “Drugs. Death. Murder. Revenge –and a hitman with two big problems” we’re instantly intrigued by this new Nesbo thriller. A huge name within the genre, we can’t wait for the next book from the creator of Harry Hole.

Which crime and thrillers are you most excited about for 2015? Let us know in the comments box below.

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