Toni Waterfall: My 6 Favourite Joe Wicks Recipes

Toni Waterfall: My 6 Favourite Joe Wicks Recipes

I’ve been following cheeky chappy Joe on Instagram for a while now (along with 1.6 million others) and have become slightly addicted to his snappy recipe videos. His enthusiastic, no-faff, easy-to-digest (in both senses) approach to food are probably his biggest USPs. Oh, and my favourite things about him? a) he doesn’t believe in counting calories (I was never any good at maths), and b) he calls the bathroom scales the ‘sad step’. Joe’s book isn’t a diet book that you try for a few weeks for quick results – it’s a lifestyle book and encourages people to change the way they eat forever. I like that.

So, with an aim to start 2017 as I mean to go on, over the past few weeks I’ve been “eating lean” for breakfast, lunch and dinner (whilst continuing to drag myself to a few HIIT classes a week). Don’t worry, you’re not going to see any ‘before’ and ‘after’ body shots of me here, but I have been cooking up lots of his dishes so that I can share six of my favourites with you.

What are his recipes really like? Can you realistically whip them up in 15 minutes? Are they healthy but filling enough for a busy working mum? And, most importantly for me, are they mind-blowingly tasty? Here’s my verdict…

Chunky Monkey Smoothie

Joe had me at ‘Snickers’ with this one. He said it tastes like my favourite chocolate bar, and he wasn’t telling porkies. The combination of banana, cacao, protein powder, almond milk, peanut butter and sesame seeds is almost too good to be true. Who knew an energy-packed, nutritious breakfast like this could taste so darn good? And it only took 5 minutes to make. The trick with this one is to remember that this is breakfast – not a drink to accompany a couple of slices of toast and jam.

You can find the full recipe in Joe’s second book Lean in 15 – The Shape Plan..

OMG Cinnamon French Toast

I’d never made French toast before – I always seem to go down the pancake route at the weekends – but I really enjoyed soaking the bread in a cinnamony egg mixture before frying until golden. I used sourdough and the texture turned deliciously light and spongy. Like the recipe’s name predicted, I might have even said ‘OMG’ when tasting the first mouthful.

Just make sure your hand doesn’t “accidentally slip” like mine did when pouring the maple syrup!

You can find the full recipe in Joe’s second book Lean in 15 – The Shape Plan..

Chilli Gnocchi with “Chicken”

When I saw this recipe involved gnocchi, my heart sank a little. I envisaged the laborious task of ricing potatoes and rolling the little balls to blanch. But no, Joe’s books are all about speed and convenience, and he says just to buy the packaged stuff – ideal for a quick weekday meal.

As we follow a pescatarian diet during the week, we replaced the chicken fillets with Quorn “chicken”. You can’t really go wrong with the age-old combination of tomatoes, garlic, basil and chilli, and the red wine vinegar added a nice zing. This bowl of carbs and protein was just what I needed after a workout, and our 6-year-old daughter, Evie, also proclaimed that the gnocchi made a welcome change from pasta.

You can find the full recipe in Joe’s second book Lean in 15 – The Shape Plan.

Quick Tortilla Pizza

See ya later, American-style stuffed crusts! Using a tortilla as a pizza base is, quite simply, genius. I don’t know why I’d never thought to do this before, but from now on I am completely sold and have vowed to never buy a standard pizza base again. This version is so thin and crispy, and means you can get away with eating an entire pizza to yourself, guilt-free. “Get in my belly!”, as Joe would say.

We replaced the ham with sliced veggie sausages, and simmered the tomato sauce to make it sweeter and richer. I’ve already made it again twice since taking this picture! A big hit in our household.

You can find the full recipe in Joe’s first book Lean in 15.

Joe’s Chicken Pie

I was in charge of providing the main meal for a weekend dinner with the girls recently, and – after being told from friends who have Joe’s books that the chicken pie was a must-make – decided to rustle this one up. I omitted the mushrooms to please my fungi-hating friend, and replaced them with diced chorizo, which added a spicy smokiness. I also added a splash of white wine and some chopped garlic to the sauce – just because white sauces generally taste better when you do!

The crunchy filo on top really made this pie – it was a welcome and hearty Saturday night treat, especially when washed down with a glass or two of prosecco.

You can find the full recipe in Joe’s first book Lean in 15.

Massaman Curry

Last but not least has to be Joe’s massaman curry – another one I tried as a result of “You have to make this” feedback from friends. As I made this during the week when we don’t eat meat, I replaced the chicken with king prawns and chunks of cod loin, which worked really well.

That little jar of massaman is going to be my new best friend and, when combined with coconut milk, makes a rich and satisfying sauce. You could easily make this veggie by adding more aubergine and “midget trees”. And don’t forget the squeeze of lime juice at the end – it really does make all the difference

You can find the full recipe in Joe’s third book Lean in 15 – The Sustain Plan..

So, there you have it: my top 6 Joe Wicks recipes. Every one I tried turned out well – all were filling, tasty, quick to make and the ingredients were easy to find. While I wouldn’t say these are books for accomplished chefs, I will certainly be using Joe’s ideas for inspiration in the New Year, and have already bought myself a cupboard full of a new Tupperware so I can “prep like a boss”. Bosh!

Toni Waterfall

Toni Waterfall – Cookery, Food & Drink A mum with a food-loving family and a part-time pescatarian lifestyle, I’m always searching for delicious and practical ideas to try in the kitchen. My all-time favourite chef is Gordon Ramsay, but I’ve never made a bad meal using a Jamie Oliver recipe. Spaghetti bolognaise is the go-to meal in my household, but I also enjoy cooking curries from scratch – especially seafood ones. I always say that balance and seasoning are crucial elements of getting a dish right. I’m constantly thinking ahead to the next meal and am an impulsive, daily supermarket shopper, as opposed to a weekly bulk buyer.

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