The Zoella Book Club 2016 – Exclusive to WHSmith

The Zoella Book Club 2016 – Exclusive to WHSmith

We’ve teamed up with none other than YouTube sensation Zoe Sugg to bring you a book club that is sure to excite and inspire young readers.

Girl Online -Zoe Sugg

Recently achieving an astounding 10 million subscribers to her YouTube channel, there’s no doubt that Zoe Sugg is one of the most influential figures for young adults today. Her videos and blogs discuss everything from beauty and fashion, to everyday life to more challenging but poignant topics such as anxiety and bullying, striking a chord with teens and young adults around the world. Zoe has won multiple vlogger awards for her work, been named ‘most influential woman of the decade’ in technology by Grazia and named digital ambassador for mental health charity Mind.

Not only achieving incredible success online, Zoe is also well-known as the #1 bestselling author of Girl Online, which was the fastest selling book of 2014 and broke the record for the highest first week sales of a debut novel since records began. Girl Online introduced us to 15 year old blogger Penny, who shares elements of her life with her viewers online. The story follows Penny as she experiences going viral online and meeting the boy of her dreams in New York, all while contending with everyday teenage life and her ongoing feelings of anxiety. Girl Online received a fantastic response from fans and reviewers, and was recently voted ‘Most Popular Book in Secondary Schools’ in the ‘What Kids are Reading’ awards.

With such a clear understanding of young people today and an open and down-to-earth persona that her fans adore her for, Zoe is the perfect fit for a book club for young readers. In true Zoe style, she announced our partnership on the Zoella Book Club in a video shown at our launch event in London. On working with us on the Zoella Book Club, she said, “I’m so excited about teaming up with WHSmith to create a Book Club, I have always loved reading and I know my followers do too. I’m passionate about books because reading is one of the rare things that doesn’t need WiFi, and it’s important to have that little break and to be looking down at a book, instead of at our phones and tablets – there is nothing quite like being carried away in a story or shown something new!”

Zoe’s management commented, “At Gleam Futures, we are absolutely delighted for Zoe to be working with WHSmith on the Zoella Book Club. It represents an amazing opportunity for Zoe to indulge her passion, and introduce yet more young people to good books and regular reading”

Having already experienced the influence, inspiration and of course fun that can be had with a well-run book club through the Richard and Judy Book Club (the biggest book club in Britain), we cannot wait to bring you Zoe’s recommendations in June.

Lucy Menendez, WHSmith Books Director said, “At WHSmith we’ve always been the ‘home’ of teen reading and we work hard to get great books into the hands of more teens and young adults. Girl Online took the young adult market by storm and we know that our younger customers are some of the biggest supporters of Zoe. Like us, we’re confident they will be delighted to see a new selection of recommended reads in WHSmith stores this summer.”

Jo Sayer, WHSmith Trading Controller, Kids Books, added, “Ever since Zoe’s book landed in our stores last year we knew she was the girl our customers wanted to hear more from – so we’re hugely excited to be launching this exclusive Book Club with Zoe.”

So what can you expect from the Zoella Book Club 2016 Exclusive to WHSmith? Well in June 2016 we will be revealing the eight books that Zoe has chosen for the book club. There are no restrictions, so you might find older books alongside brand new titles, non-fiction next to novels and a variety of authors that captured Zoe’s imagination. Zoe is busy reading and picking options already and we cannot wait to find out what she picks!

Each of the eight books will be reviewed by Zoe in videos exclusive to WHSmith so you can find out exactly why she recommends them, and there will be plenty of opportunity for you to discuss Zoe’s picks with other readers online. As for us, we’ll be supporting Zoe’s favourites with lots of exciting bonus content. You can expect book club questions, author interviews, author guest posts, lots of discussions around the books and much more. We cannot wait to get started!

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19 thoughts on “The Zoella Book Club 2016 – Exclusive to WHSmith

  1. I have watched some of Zoella’s videos, and that of her boyfriend, plus videos from PewDiePie and some of these other “Vloggers” and I have to say I worry about teenagers today if they find these people’s vapid, insanely boring and immature video ramblings interesting. As for being “down to earth” and “just like the rest of us”, er no – not since they became millionaires.

  2. Thank you to zoella my daughter has got back into reading, would love to know how to meet her at a signing

  3. can’t wait. Love both of the girl online books. yep read them both they are both so amazing. Zoe please bring out a girl online book 3 (girl online 3)

  4. Just watched one of her videos called books need birthdays. In the begging of that video she says there is going to be a girl online book 3. So excited. Don’t know when the book is coming out though.

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