WHSmith Non-Fiction Book of the Year 2017: The Little Big Things by Henry Fraser

WHSmith Non-Fiction Book of the Year 2017: The Little Big Things by Henry Fraser

A sporty, competitive and popular 17 year old, in 2009 Henry Fraser’s life changed forever. About to embark on his first ever holiday abroad with friends, Henry very nearly didn’t make it when at the boarding gate, he realised his passport had expired. His Dad came to his rescue by taking him on the 400 mile round trip to get a new passport meaning he made it to Portugal only a day later. However, five days into the holiday, Henry found himself floating face down in the sea unable to move after diving in and crashing his head on the sea bed. The tragic accident severed his spinal cord, paralysing him from the shoulders down, and in one split second his world was turned upside down.

In The Little Big Things, Henry Fraser recounts his incredibly moving story of resilience and determination to make the most out of life. He has battled against the odds, pushing himself both mentally and physically, with the support of his friends and family, to embrace life. Now an accomplished mouth artist, author and public speaker he has shared his wisdom and insight into finding the gifts in life’s challenges. With his extraordinary outlook and passion for life, it’s no wonder that his admirers include Jonny Wilkinson and J.K Rowling who wrote the foreword to The Little Big Things, describing Henry as “one of the most remarkable people [she’s] ever met”.

WHSmith Non-Fiction Books Trading Controller David Swillman commented “Henry Fraser is a true inspiration. Not only has he conquered unimaginable difficulty with such bravery, he has used his experience to help others understand there is no limit to what they can achieve, even when things seem their worst. Henry’s story has touched me more than any account I have ever read. It inspired me to tackle everyday struggles with positivity and I’m sure it will resonate with many others. In a time when mental wellbeing is being discussed more and more, Henry has made a huge impact by talking so honestly about his experience, motivating others to look for the light in the darkness. Henry Fraser, I am truly in awe of you and have nothing but admiration for you. Defeat is optional.”

An emotional, overwhelmingly positive story of hope and perseverance, The Little Big Things is one book you need to read this year. Get your hands on a copy of Henry Fraser’s remarkable story in store or online today to see for yourself why it’s been picked as our Non-Fiction Book of the Year 2017.

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