The WHSmith Advent Giveaway Extravaganza 2016!

The WHSmith Advent Giveaway Extravaganza 2016!

Sorry, you missed the chance to win a set of Moderno stationery.

Sorry, you missed the chance to win a bundle of books from our Vlogger Books Christmas Gift Guide.

Sorry you missed the chance to win books signed by Ian Wright and Damon Hill + a bundle of books from our Sports Books Gift Guide.

Sorry, you missed the chance to win a signed gift edition of our Book of the Year 2016.

Sorry, you missed the chance to treat yourself to something from our Christmas Gift Guides with a £100 gift card!

Sorry, you missed the chance to win a supply of colouring books from our Colouring Book Christmas Gift Guide.

Sorry, you missed the chance to win a bundle of gifts from our Star Wars Gift Guide.

Sorry, you missed the chance to win a year’s supply of books, but you can check out our Top Fiction Books of 2016 here.

Sorry, you missed the chance to win a bundle of Richard and Judy Autumn 16 Book Club books signed by Richard and Judy.

Sorry, you missed the chance to win a copy of the latest Diary of a Wimpy Kid book + a bundle of kids’ books.

Sorry, you missed the chance to win a bundle of graphic novels from our Graphic Novels Gift Guide.

Sorry, you missed the chance to win a Signed Bruce Springsteen Born to Run Deluxe Limited Edition Box Set worth £250. Check out our Top Books Music Gift Guide for more great music books out this year.

Sorry, you missed the chance to win a bundle of stationery from ourStylish Gifts for Stationery Fans Gift Guide.

Sorry you missed the chance to win two tickets to a WHSmith book event of your choice in 2017.

Sorry, you missed the chance to win everything you’ll need to wrap your presents, but you can check out our new GiftWrap here.

Sorry, you missed the chance to win a copy of Nomad signed by Alan Partridge + additional books from our Humour Books Christmas Gift Guide

Sorry you missed the chance to win a signed Tony Robinson book + a bundle of books from our Biographies Christmas Gift Guide.

Sorry you missed the chance to win a book of your choice from our Crime Books Gift Guide + books signed by James Patterson and Lee Child.

Sorry, you missed the chance to win a signed copy of Empire of Storms + a bundle of books from our YA Books Gift Guide.

Sorry, you missed the chance to win a copy of Kitty in Boots signed by Quentin Blake and a bundle of kids’ books from our Kids’ Books Christmas Gift Guide.

Sorry you missed the chance to win a bundle of art supplies from our Gifts for Artists Gift Guide.

Sorry, you missed the chance to win a bundle of books from our Best Books of 2016 Gift Guide.

Sorry, you missed the chance to win a signed copy of The Cursed Child.

Sorry, you missed the chance to win a signed copy of Girl Online: Going Solo + a bundle of Zoella Book Club books.

306 thoughts on “The WHSmith Advent Giveaway Extravaganza 2016!

  1. My daughter would go absolutely crazy this Christmas if I surprised her with Zoe Sugg bookclub goodies and a signed Girl Online book – she and her teenage friends are all big Zoella fanatics! x

  2. day 9 – my favourite character is Penny having read the first two books with my granddaughter who is a huge fan ,she would be over the moon with this prize

  3. My favourite is Penny because she is a really relatable character and she helps portray a difficult issue in such a way that helps others who may be feeling the same way as the character.

  4. So tricky as 2016 claimed my hero Prince. Which leaves the amazing Steven Tyler, gives me goosebumps just thinking about it!

  5. I would get some acrylic paint for my wife. She loves painting and has done several for her friends already. She never charges them either.

  6. I would give this prize to my dear friend Pat, who after retiring as a geography teacher of more than 40 has turned her talents to learning how to draw and paint. She gave me a Christmas card today which was a pastel of a red squirrel which she had drawn herself. It is absolutely beautiful !

  7. Robin Hobb would be at my dream book signing – she has been my favourite author for a long time and I could read her books forever x

  8. My Dream book signing would be Laura Ingalls Wilder – the little house on the Prairie books – these are the books that got me into reading – I loved them and would have loved to meet Laura!

  9. Arsene Wenger would be my ideal choice. Would love to spend ages chatting football with him and have a signed copy of his book to remember the day.

  10. David & Amy Sedaris – both of them! They have a clever, twisted sense of humour that is so relatable. I turn to their books when I need cheering up.

  11. Paige Toon – Every book I have read by her has made me fall in love with each and every character within them!!

  12. Marianne keyes would be my dream author to meet at a book signing. I’ve been a huge fan for so many years and I’d simply love to meet her

  13. Terry Pratchett or Issac Asimov would have been my dream signings, sadly I never got the chance to meet either

  14. Assuming it can be someone who is no longer with us, Terry Pratchett would be at my dream book signing 🙂

  15. I would love to win Val McDermid Out of Bounds, I have read some of her other novels and she is a fantastic crime writer xx

  16. I’d love to read Pierre Lamaitre’s Blood Wedding, I’ve read one other of his books and his is an exquisite writer

  17. I’d give this to my best friends little boy. He will be 6 on Christmas day and its a miracle new here. My friend had swine flu and the little boy was born far to early. He deserves every treat ?

  18. Star Wars: Rogue One Secret Mission (DK Readers Level 4) – this is the one I’d choose for my 9 year old – he has read a book from school in the Star Wars Range and is hooked! He’d love to win some great books in this range!

  19. My favourite gift on you intergalactic Chrirstmas list is the STAR WARS CROCHET. It would be great fun to make all the little characters and then put them on the Christmas tree.

  20. It would have to be the Star Wars Crochet – I’m teaching myself how to crochet, and my little boy is a HUGE star wars fan, so to make him something from the book would be perfect!

  21. Well bit old in tooth for these.But avid reader and Great-Gran-Daughter Chloe, would love to read”Ricky Dillon.” Follow me.Happy Christmas,Team.

  22. Pilot FriXion Erasable Rollerball Pens, Black Ink (Pack of 2) They are great for making sure you have neat work!

  23. I’d like the stationary bundle, I know lots of people with a stationary addiction and we could share it out!

  24. I would love to treat my two girls because they love all the creative bits that you do. So it means we get to have some great family time creating things that they love. Which is just lovely this time of year.

  25. I would love to treat my two children as they both work hard at school and both love to read so they could choose their own books.

  26. i’d like to treat my husband because he’s been doing such a good job looking after me, the dog, my daughter and the house since I’ve been quite unwell after i had surgery last week.

  27. I would have to treat my lovely wife Louise all round supermum and Long-time supporter of a grumpy Type 1 diabetic!

  28. I would love to get the kids a selection of new books. They are just starting to feel the joy of reading, so it would be great to have some new books.

  29. I would buy Stephen King’s End of Watch for my best friend as she is a big fan, and treat myself to The girl on the Train as I heard it’s really good and it is my kind of story !! Merry Christmas all!!

  30. I’d like to treat my boyfriend, he’s had a rubbish year and it would be nice to give him something to cheer him up slightly.

  31. Would love to treat Great-Gran-Daughter Chloe, to a selection of cookery books, to help in her college catering course.Never know what Grandad might get a nice cake?!

  32. I would treat my partner , Judy, she is part of a knitting club that knits things for premature babies in special units all over the country and some of the patterns in the Baby Knits magazines are adaptable for them, so I would take out magazine subscriptions for her to help with that.

  33. I’d like to treat my nephew Charlie. This year, through David Walliams, he has grown a new found love of reading and it’d be nice to get him some more books to keep that enthusiasm going

  34. I’d like to treat myself. I help everyone around me as much as I can expecting nothing in return so now it’s time for me to curl up with some new books and relax!

  35. I’d like to give my daughter a selection of travel books – and maybe sneek in a copy of Lee Child’s Night School for me.

  36. What would I love to win and who I’d spoil… umm, how about everything on your “Our Christmas Top Picks: Sci-Fi and Fantasy Books” guide! I’d like it for my fiancé and for myself, because we’ve had a hard year which has just been compounded by some very bad and difficult health news. Reading and fantasy is how we escape from the dark stuff, so this would perk us both up!

  37. I’d love to treat my husband to some history books, he’s really into researching his family history & also anything around World War 2 interests him

  38. I’d buy my sister some Lego books and DVDs, she’s been a huge fan of Lego since she was a child and rarely spends money on herself. This would be huge treat!

  39. I’d love to treat me and hubby so we can stock up on the latest award winning fiction books. Can’t wait to read the latest Booker Prize winner – last year’s was amazing. (Marlon’s read is in my top 5!)

  40. I would love to treat my lovely Mum. She does so much for us all and never asks for anything in return. She is an avid reader and not as mobile as she once was. I would love to see her face if she had £100 to spend at WHSmiths … She would be over the moon. It would make her year never mind Christmas. So a big thank you very much for the chance x

  41. I would like to treat my friend Chance to Alan Partridge’s new book “NOMAD” – so I can read it when he’s finished!

  42. i’d like to treat my husband, as he deserves some down time. he hasn’t had a break since may. so looking forward to spoiling him this xmas

  43. I would love to treat my daughter, she loves reading and is doing languages at school so this would great to buy her text books with .x

  44. I’d love to treat my husband who has been amazing looking after me for over 7 months whilst i’ve been undergoing treatment for breast cancer

  45. I would treat my Mum because she is always there for me when I need a good moan, some advice, or just someone to talk to!

  46. I’d love to treat my Grandma, she gets through books so quickly, it’d be good to give her a pile to read!

  47. I would love to treat the kids to loads of new books – they are avid readers and have tried so hard at school this year, they would be absolutely over the moon!

  48. I’d treat my sisters to loads of books. One is very similar to me in her tastes in books, she loves Jojo Moyes. The other prefers the true life weepies.

  49. I would like to treat my new grandson to some baby picture books when he arrives, my daughter is being induced today and looks like she could very well have a christmas delivery

  50. I’d love to treat my mum to one of the gift boxes for a hotel spa break, she does so much for everyone else she deserves a treat

  51. I love my cookery books but my other half is such an avid history reader that I would love to let him loose instore with a gift card, perhaps it will give me enough time to shop the sales while he does it 😉

  52. I’d love to treat my friend Lisa to the Relaxing Spa Day Experience Gift Pack she’s had such a stressful
    year one way and another, does so much for everyone else but forgets herself, this would hopefully give her
    a relaxing well deserved treat.

  53. I would choose this gift for my grandson – LEGO City Pick up Tow Truck. He loves Lego and loves trucks so ideal.

  54. I would love to treat my Mum who loves reading! This would be such a wonderful and well deserved treat for her 🙂

  55. I would love to treat mt daughter and I am sure there are loads of things she would love, as long as she let’s me have a Christmas jigsaw

  56. I Would love to treat my 11 year old Daughter she has worked so hard this year to get into a good school and constantly try’s her hardest even though she has had to deal with losing close relatives she puts effort into everything she does she is a massive bookworm so this would be a fab gift

  57. I would treat my mum. She’s an avid reader and the closure of her local library has made things difficult for her.

  58. I’d like to treat my wife with loads of travel books so she can come up with loads of ideas for our next holiday!

  59. I’d like to treat my wife and the in-laws. We recently lost my mother-in-law to a heart attack and I think everyone needs cheering up

  60. I would like to treat each member of my family to a fantastic gift from the WH Smith Christmas gift guides because I love to see them smile when they open the perfect present.

  61. Id treat my best friend as his going into hospital soon and will need some entertainment so some puzzle books would be great for him and some new slippers ! 🙂

  62. 22nd dec . I would love to treat my grandsons ,one who has just started at University and the other who is taking his A levels .both would benefit from such a generous ammount

  63. I would Love to treat my Niece to some Lovely new Books this Christmas! She Loves books & it is a hobbie i like to encourage!

  64. I would get my hubby lots of stocking fillers such as the GCHQ puzzle book (he needs to keep his brain active now he has retired) and the Ranulph Fiennes book FEAR (I know he would find it fascinating).

  65. I would love to treat my husband and 4 year old daughter because they are always there for me. I’ve had a cold the last few days. My daughter was marvelous waiting at the GP yesterday, and my husband has been trying to make it easier for me to rest and recover. That’s just how they are.

  66. I would treat my husband. I think he would quite happily swap me for a book. I cannot get a word out of him wen he is reading. I think he would like the Randolph Fiennes book Colder. I’m not getting at him through this title, honest!

  67. I would like to treat my daughter who’s at uni as it’s tough being a student and this would really help.???

  68. I would like to treat my wife Beverley because she is always reading and it would be great to be able to get her some of the latest book titles,

  69. OK, I’ll admit, I’d treat myself. I LOVE reading! I love books! I love WH Smith! I might – MIGHT – buy a pop-up book for my non-reader husband to peruse, just to keep him entertained whilst I’m engrossed in a mystery or biography.

  70. I would treat my best friend Jasmine, because we both love art. She is very talented, but it is very expensive if we want quality art tools, so I really want to win the giftcard for her.

  71. My partner Nik, for being the most understanding partner and father to our child I could ask for. Im a very lucky girl, it would be good to spoil him.

  72. I’d love to treat the whole family, first the solar system projector for the grandchildren when they sleepover, a good ghost book for hubby, a magazine subscription for my son’s partner, a pc game for my son and if there’s anything left some storage boxs for me. Thanks for running this fab prize draw.

  73. I’d treat my partner to Guy Martin: Worms to Catch. He loves Guy Martin and deserves it because everyone’s needed him recently & he’s been there to support us all.

  74. I would like to treat my dear lady Valerie for helping me in my recovery this year following two heart attacks, she has been a star, and I know she likes Guy Martin so his book: Worms to Catch would be a fitting gift to show my appreciation ??✨♥

  75. I’d love to treat my mum to – Great British Bake Off – Perfect Cakes & Bakes to Make at Home because she’s really caught the baking bug. This sure would give her some tasty inspiration! ???

  76. I’d get I See You & Harry Potter and the Cursed Child for my girlfriend, she’s had a tough year & could do with relaxing with a few books. I’d get myself The River Cottage A to Z: Our Favourite Ingredients, & How to Cook Them so I can cook us both a tasty meal 🙂

  77. would like to treat my mother, an avid reader with various interests, there would be so much she could choose from that would help her fulfil her enjoyment of books

  78. I have a dear friend that just suffered a break up of a long term relationship after he suffered a stroke. It really stinks to deal with a break up right at Christmas. So I would use this to get him something that would cheer him up.

  79. I’d gift Art and Crafts for my 9 Year old. He loves Art and is forever drawing. WHSmith Starter Art Box

  80. I’d like to treat my friend June who is an avid reader an great supporter of our local library and due to health doesn’t get out much anymore.

  81. I would love love to treat my Boyfriend to a gift card he’s been really supportive whilst I’ve been unwell this month & he’s away from home working hard at the moment. Arriving back up here on Christmas eve I would love to surprise him with something special. And there could be nothing better than this as he’s a massive book love. Perfect! 🙂

  82. I would treat my daughter her birthday is in February and after all the Christmas spending money will be tight so this will be perfect 🙂

  83. It is my eldest boy’s 9th birthday at the end of January, and as well as treating him to a new book (I always think January birthdays are unfortunately positioned), I would then really like to treat my second son’s Year 2 school class to a selection of really attractive early reading books as a thank you to his teacher for – somehow – firing up his enthusiasm for wanting to read to me every night. Their class has done a reading challenge and it has been amazing to watch him ask if he can read, whereas before he avoided it. I have also been volunteering for an hour a week as a guest reader in his classroom, helping those children read who may be struggling a little with it. I have got an awful lot out of doing this, and I think the children have enjoyed having another person come in to listen to them.

  84. I would treat my lovely hubby of nearly 40 years. He’s been my rock in recent years, caring for me as I have many health issues. He deserves a treat (or medal I sometimes think) for putting up with me x

  85. I’d give my partner the book by Abigail Ahern, Decorating with style, to give him some tips for his new year resolution

  86. I would love to get Benji the charity bear for my mum. She would love him and it’s a win, win when you also help others with the purchase 🙂

  87. I’d like to treat my son for his birthday in early January. I always try to make sure his birthday is not overshadowed by Christmas but it is difficult. He is a real bookworm and has been working incredibly hard so a box of books would ensure his birthday was a real success and give him an easy way of relaxing.

    Hazel Rea – @beachrambler

  88. I would love to treat my mum, because she is a full time carer and never thinks of herself so would be great to “force” her to have to treat herself!

  89. I would love to treat my daughter to a magazine subscription, She spends all her time and money on her family. It would be lovely for her to have something all for herself

  90. I would treat my daughter to the christmas read range she works so hard as a carer and this would be perfect to help her relax

  91. The Forgetting Time by Sharon Guskin sounds like a novel which would hook me in right from the start. The subject is a vivid one for a novel, and has potential for tremendous drama; I’m very interested to see what treatment the author gives it. Compelling stuff. It also sounds tremendously filmic, so perhaps we will see a screen version one day too?

  92. Would make a wonderful extra Christmas pressie for my daughter; something to treasure for always. Fingers’ crossed.

  93. It has to be when Harry arrives at Hogwarts for the first time..we visited the studio on Monday so know how he was amazing!

  94. My favorite Harry Potter moment has to be when the sock that once belonged to Harry Potter was given to the house-elf Dobby by Lucius Malfoy (his master). Harry tricked Lucius Malfoy by presenting him with Tom Riddle’s Diary, shoved inside this sock. When Lucius Malfoy took the diary out of the sock, he threw the useless piece of clothing and Dobby caught it, making him free. I love Dobby he’s one of my favorite characters.

  95. Harry,first sets foot in Hogwarts,Great casting of cast,fab, stunts We are taking Great Gran Children on a visit,after Christmas

  96. When finally does something nice for himself on the train when he buys more sweets than he and Ron can eat and they become best friends – I would love to win this xx

  97. Any Hagrid moment makes me smile, but when he gives Dudley a curly tail is probably my favourite… But I probably shouldn’t have told you that!

  98. It has to be in The Philosopher’s Stone. After all the letters from Hogwarts have been kept from him, and he has been taken away, Hagrid turns up, starts Harry on his wondrous journeys, with some information, and takes him to prepare for Hogwarts and is future.

  99. Harry Potter always reminds me of when I was little imagining we were in Harry Potter world when we played at lunchtimes at school! Dobby has to be my favourite character followed closely by Hagrid! I would love so much to win the amazing prize it would be the best christmas present!

  100. Fav Harry Potter moments all revolve around Dumbledore’s advice…he (Rowling?) has such a way with words: “Happiness can be found, even in the darkest of times, if one only remembers to turn on the light.”Prisoner of Azkaban

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