The Ultimate Guide to the World of Vloggers

The Ultimate Guide to the World of Vloggers

Zoella, 9.3 million subscribers

Zoella – queen of the vlogging world – talks about all things fashion and beauty, but also has a best-selling novel under her 25-year-old belt.

Six years ago, Zoe Sugg launched her YouTube channel ‘Zoella’ in order to discuss her love for clothes and beauty products with the online world. By the end of 2009 she had 1,000 followers – a figure that now stands at 9.3 million!

In 2014, her debut novel ‘Girl Online’ – which surrounds 16-year-old Penny, whose blog goes viral – sold the most books in its first week than any other debut author ever recorded! The sequel ‘Girl Online: On Tour’ was released in October 2015 and is shaping up to be another smash hit.

Zoe, who now lives in Brighton, also has her own beauty brand ‘Zoella Beauty’ and was named the first Digital Ambassador for mental health charity, Mind.

She surrounds herself by fellow vloggers; namely, her long-term boyfriend Alfie Deyes (PointlessBlog) and younger brother Joe Sugg (ThatcherJoe). They often shoot videos together, and she and Alfie are now affectionately referred to by fans as ‘Zalfie’. Known for giving great advice and for her optimistic, cheery attitude towards life, she’s the kind of big sister you would welcome into your household with open arms.

Read more about Zoella on the blog here.

Dan and Phil – Dan Howell 5.2 million subscribers and Phil Lester 3 million subscribers

Dan and Phil are like the Ant and Dec of the vlogging world, combining their perfectly-timed comedy with wacky challenges.

Daniel Howell and Phil Lester are successful vloggers in their own right: Dan uploaded his first YouTube video in 2009, entitled ‘HELLO INTERNET’, and was then encouraged by mates (including Phil) to keep at this video blogging malarkey. He soon dropped out of his law studies to pursue vlogging as a career.

English degree student Phil posted his first video on his AmazingPhil channel almost a decade ago. In 2013, he joined forces with Dan to present the successful ‘Dan and Phil’ Sunday evening slot on BBC Radio 1, up until August 2015.

In September 2014, Phil and Dan uploaded their first video on their gaming channel DanandPhilGAMES, which now has 1.6 million subscribers, and they also played cameo roles in the UK version of Disney’s ‘Big Hero 6’. In March 2015, the pair announced they had written a book, ‘The Amazing Book Is Not On Fire’, accompanied by a UK tour, aptly named ‘The Amazing Tour Is Not On Fire’.

Fun fact: In 2011, Phil won a Guinness World Record for the fastest coin stacking! He managed to place 25 coins on top of each other in a mere 31.617 seconds. Impressive stuff!

Read more about Dan and Phil on the blog here.

Joe Sugg (ThatcherJoe – Zoella’s brother), 5.5 million subscribers

With his hilarious pranks, challenges and impressions, Joe Sugg is as endearing as his big sister, Zoe (Zoella).

Zoella isn’t the only vlogger in the Sugg family: her little brother Joe boasts his very own channel – and a whole load of followers, to boot. He initially worked as a roof thatcher in Wiltshire to supplement his YouTube career, hence his channel’s name ‘ThatcherJoe’. The siblings sometimes feature in each other’s videos: his side-splitting ‘My Sister Does My Make Up’ video received 12.1 million hits.

Many of his videos feature Joe playing pranks on fellow vlogger and flatmate Caspar Lee, along with his Kermit the Frog and Jim Carey impressions.

His hobby, like so many of the other vloggers featured on this list, has snowballed; so much so that he is now the star of a feature-length BBC documentary, entitled ‘Joe & Caspar Hit the Road’, where the flatmates lark around in cities such as Barcelona, Milan and Venice.

And then there’s his graphic novel, ‘Username: Evie’, which is based around a girl who gets drawn into a dystopian parallel world after pressing a button on her laptop. The book, he’s said, is aimed at any tween or teen above the age of 10.

Olajide “JJ” Olatunji (KSI), 10.9 million subscribers

His goofy gaming commentary, pranks and challenges (often involving his parents) have captured fans from around the globe.

Known by his millions of YouTube fans as Ksiolajidebt (shortened to ‘KSI’), this 22-year-old vlogger from Watford is mainly loved for his video game commentary – particularly of the FIFA football series. He also happens to be a rapper and comedian.

Although his main channel is focused on FIFA, he does play other games, including Grand Theft Auto V and other PC games on his secondary channel, KSIOlajidebtHD, in a similar style to PewDiePie (more on him later). He also plays with his brother from time to time, fellow vlogger Deji Olatunji (ComedyShortsGamer).

Olajide has also branched out into the music industry; his most successful single to date was ‘Lamborghini’ (warning: explicit lyrics), which peaked at number 30 on the UK Top 100 chart when it was released in March 2015. He now owns an orange Lamborghini himself and has moved out of his parent’s house (after paying off their mortgage) into a penthouse apartment in London.

His new book ‘I Am a Bellend’ (what a name for a book!) guides the reader through some of his most unattractive online habits!

PewDiePie (Felix Kjellberg), 40.1 million subscribers

Dubbed the ‘king of gaming’, PewDiePie is the most subscribed channel on YouTube, and has been since 2013.

He’s got more subscribers than One Direction and Rihanna put together and his channel has received over 10 billion video views – not bad for a regular guy from Sweden who likes playing and reviewing video games.

His ‘Let’s Play’ videos are devoted to “sharing gaming moments on YouTube with my bros” (he calls his fans, both male and female, “bros”). Felix usually performs a “Brofist” at the end of each video – hence the PewDiePie fist pump logo.

Fans love the 26-year-old’s expressive facial reactions and emotional commentary – and he caught the attention of one subscriber in particular in 2011: fellow vlogger Marzia Bisognin. The pair began messaging and eventually met up and fell in love! They now live together in Brighton.

Marcus Butler, 4 million subscribers

His funny videos range from sketches and rants to collaborations and ‘Dare Marcus’ challenges.

Marcus Butler is also from Brighton (should the city be renamed ‘Vlogton’?!), and currently has over 4 million subscribers on YouTube. He’s also racked up more Twitter followers than Madonna, with over 2.3 million of them to date.

An avid YouTuber since 2010, he uploads a new video every single Saturday – much to the delight of his adoring fans. The subject matter varies: one week it’s things that annoy him, the next it’s the latest video game he’s playing. Whatever the topic, his subscribers can’t seem to get enough of him.

In 2014, he teamed up with vlogger mates Jim Chapman, Joe Sugg, Alfie Deyes and Caspar Lee to form a ‘YouTube Boyband’ to raise money for Comic Relief. The video of ‘It’s All About You’ became a viral hit, naturally.

His debut book ‘Hello Life!’ was released in the summer and was a Sunday Times and New York Times bestseller. The part-autobiography, part self-help guide is split into four main parts: Health, Relationships, Crisis and Future Planning. Marcus bears in mind that his fans are tweens and teens aged up to 18, so it’s nothing too heavy: just personal experience combined with some great tips.

Read more about Marcus Butler on the blog here.

Alfie Deyes, main channel – 4.6 million subscribers

The ‘Alfie’ in ‘Zalfie’, Zoella’s other half runs three hugely successful YouTube channels and is due to release the third book in his Pointless Book series.

If you’ve heard of Zoella, chances are you’ve heard of Alfie Deyes – they’ve been pretty much inseparable since they started dating back in August 2013. He previously lived with fellow vlogger Caspar Lee, but Zoe and Alfie now live together in a five-bedroom house in Brighton with their pet pug, Nala. (He threw Nala a huge first birthday party which, of course, he captured in a 20-minute vlog!).

Like Zoella, Alfie started vlogging back in 2009. He now has three separate channels: PointlessBlog, PointlessBlogVlogs and PointlessBlogGames. His main channel, PointlessBlog, is nearing the 5 million mark in terms of subscribers, and the others currently stand at 2.6 million and 1.5 million, respectively. Not bad for 22!

Alfie has pretty much collaborated with every hot YouTuber around, from Miranda Sings to Tyler Oakley – and plenty with Zoella, of course! His most-viewed video to date is called ‘Ariana Grande does my make up’, which has received a staggering 11 million views (and counting). He’s also, technically-speaking, had a number one hit, as he featured on last year’s Band Aid 30 ‘Do They Know It’s Christmas?’ hit single.

He signed a book deal last year, and in September 2014 released his debut effort ‘The Pointless Book’ – described as part-journal, part-activity book. Due to its success, ‘The Pointless Book 2’ was published in March this year, which went on to become the best-selling non-fiction book in the week it was released. A third is in the pipeline – watch this space!

Alfie is now arguably one of the most recognised vloggers in the UK – which is probably why, along with Zoe, he is the first YouTuber to have a waxwork figure created at Madame Tussauds in London. And he’s not just a pretty face! Alfie can solve a Rubik’s Cube in less than two minutes, apparently.

Read more about Alfie Deyes on the blog here.

Tanya Burr 3.2 million subscribers

Beauty blogger Burr has written her autobiography, got married and released her own cosmetics line – she’s still only 26.

There’s a trend here: if you attract enough followers on social media, a book deal beckons. Tanya Burr, at the age of 26, has already released her autobiography, Love Tanya, in January this year. The book also comprises advice on what she’s best known for: beauty. Tanya has earned her 3.2 million subscribers, having trained as a make-up artist at sixth form, before spending time on the beauty counter of a department store in her hometown of Norwich.

She came to fame on YouTube back at the turn of the decade, producing make-up tutorials on how to replicate celebrity looks. She now boasts 1.6 million followers on Twitter, over 2.2 million on Instagram, and in 2014, she released her own cosmetics diffusion line under the brand ‘Tanya Burr Cosmetics’. An indication to her level of fame: her wedding to fellow YouTuber and vlogger Jim Chapman in September this year made the national newspapers!

Read more about Tanya Burr on the blog here.

Ella Woodward, 63,354 subscribers

The “queen of greens” offers her followers “incredible food that you and your body will love”.

Britain has become something of a health-food nation in the last couple of years, and Ella Woodward is possibly at the heart of the trend. After being diagnosed with a rare medical condition in 2011, Ella was forced into rethinking her diet. Inspired by Kris Carr, who had stage 4 cancer that doctors could do nothing about, she became vegan and cut gluten, dairy and sugar out of her diet – in spite of the fact she “hated fruit”.

Her blogging journey started after a friend told her to post and share her foodie creations online. As well as seeing her health improve dramatically, she also saw her online blog, Deliciously Ella, quickly grow in popularity. Her reputation as the “queen of greens” has spawned the fastest-selling debut cookbook ever (also entitled ‘Deliciously Ella’), a column in a national newspaper and an app. Ella is yet to hit one million followers on Instagram – but it’s surely just a matter of time.

Fleur De Force 1.3 million subscribers

Fleur De Force is certainly a force of nature when it comes to beauty and make-up videos.

Fleur is not the only vlogger to try and make beauty and make-up her own, but it seems it is big enough business for there to be more than one YouTube star on the scene. In fact, London-based Fleur De Force – not her real surname if you’re wondering – often teams up with fellow beauty gurus Zoella and Louise Glitter to show there’s no rivalries in the world of vlogging.

Fleur wasn’t always destined to become a YouTube star, having studied Geography at the London School of Economics, but the popularity of her videos turned her hobby into a full-time job.

She can now be found hosting fashion events across the world, while promoting her book, ‘The Glam Guide’, also takes up a good deal of her time. However, she makes sure she has enough time to post at least three videos a week on YouTube.

Interesting fact: Fleur De Force’s wedding video, posted online in 2013, has now had nearly two million views

Read more about Fleur de Force on the blog here.

Shane Dawson, 7 million subscribers

Funny guy Shane Dawson has turned his YouTube fame into a career that includes acting, singing, song-writing and even film directing.

Born-and-bred Californian Shane Dawson has been on the YouTube scene for a while now. In the stone ages of 2008 he launched his first channel, ShaneDawsonTV, featuring comedy videos based on characters of his own creation, as well as celebrity impersonations and music video parodies.

Seven years later and not only is Shane’s channel still going strong, he has since launched another YouTube channel – Shane – featuring daily videos uploaded from his iPhone, and even put his hand to the silver screen in his 2014 movie ‘Not Cool’, directed by – and starring – himself. Who else?

Spoof videos of stars such as Miley Cyrus and Taylor Swift brought Shane fans from all over the globe, and collaborations with other top YouTubers and celebrity guests – on his channels and his podcast, Shane and Friends – have secured his place in Internet royalty. In 2010, he was named Forbes magazine’s 25th most famous web celebrity.

Earlier this year, Shane released a memoir entitled ‘I Hate Myselfie,’ based on his experiences of being bullied in High School. This was accompanied by two short films which, to date, have received more than five million views.

Connor Franta, 4.9 million subscribers

Connor Franta is like a friend and wise older brother to the under 25s, sharing inspirational content and personal insights into his life.

Connor’s rise to Internet fame was aided by his early work with the YouTube collaboration channel, Our2ndLife; but in 2014 he decided to go it alone, and his self-named channel is now the 158th most subscribed in the world.

His videos range from the inspirational (‘Coming Out’ has been viewed more than 9 million times) to the ordinary (such as a tour of his apartment or sharing what he got for his birthday) to the downright absurd (‘So My Eyebrow Got Shaved Off’).

Like many young YouTube stars, Connor is something of an entrepreneur; earlier this year he launched a lifestyle brand, Common Culture, as well as his own record label – Heard Well – that produces compilation albums curated by digital influencers.

But what sets the 23-year-old tycoon apart from many of his cohorts is his dedication to charitable causes. For his 22nd birthday he started a fundraising campaign for The Thirst Project, which raised more than $75,000 in just 48 hours and $230,000 by the end of the month. After visiting Swaziland to see the wells being built from the donations, Connor launched a second campaign this year. In June, he received a Governor’s Award at the charity’s 6th Annual Thirst Gala.

He also released a book this year: ‘A Work in Progress’ is an intimate memoir of life beyond the camera, as he shares both his experiences and childhood photos.

Carrie Hope Fletcher, 0.5 million subscribers

One of the most multi-talented individuals on the web, Carrie Hope Fletcher combines hilarity with musical giftedness to amuse and entertain in equal measures.

The young, talented and joyfully enthusiastic vlogger Carrie Hope Fletcher is so much more than an internet star. From a young age Carrie acted and has appeared in both television and live theatre roles – so she’s no stranger to the camera! Her very first role was at the tender age of five, when she appeared on Channel 4 and in a national TV advert.

She has also made numerous appearances on stage in various West End musicals, including Chitty Chitty Bang Bang, Mary Poppins and most recently Les Misérables; in fact, Carrie is the only British actor to ever play both the roles of young and older Eponine in the Victor Hugo classic.

Carrie started her YouTube channel ItsWayPastMyBedTime when she was 18 to post covers of her singing popular songs and also some original material. And keen fans will know she’s not the only musically talented member of her family – her big brother is none other than Tom Fletcher, a lead vocalist for boyband McFly!

Earlier this year Carrie also released a book, ‘All I Know Now: Wonderings and Reflections on Growing Up Gracefully’, which went on to become a Sunday Times bestseller.

Joey Graceffa, 5.3 million subscribers

Handsome, talented and open to sharing all, it’s no wonder Joey is as popular as his staggering 12+ million social media followers suggests!

Despite being active on YouTube for a number of years beforehand, Joey only began posting videos under his own channel – titled JoeyGraceffa – in 2009. Since those early days, Joey’s popularity has skyrocketed and he how has over 5.3 million subscribers (not to mention over 3 million Instagram followers, 2.5 million Twitter followers and 1.2 million Facebook Likes).

Joey posts daily vlogs on his channel but also has a second channel, called Joey Graceffa (which has over 1.3 million subscribers), where he posts gaming videos for his fans.

Thanks to his overwhelming success on the video sharing platform, Joey also has a book published called ‘In Real Life: My Journey to a Pixelated World’ in which he discusses the hardships he faced growing up: bullying, the fear of coming out and family issues… before finally accepting himself.

Mamrie Hart, 1.1 million subscribers

Mamrie’s puns pack as much of a punch as her deadly (but delicious) cocktails. Recommended for over 18s only.

Many people may recognise Mamrie as a serial collaborator, teaming with Grace Helbig, Tyler Oakley and Joey Graceffa for videos, as well as many more – but her solo videos are just as popular, with fans all over the world drawn to her funny, quirky, and sometimes raunchy and innuendo-ridden style.

Mamrie joined YouTube in 2009 under the title YouDeserveADrink, in which she posts weekly instructional mixology (that’s ‘cocktail shaking’ to you and me) videos, drawing on her previous experience as a bartender and mixing it with her love of performance. She even creates specialised cocktails for celebrities she believes deserve a drink – most recently creating one for Miss Piggy after her shock break-up with Kermit the Frog.

Mamrie’s funniest hangover stories and life stories have also made it into print, in her self-penned book ‘You Deserve a Drink: Boozy Misadventures and Tales of Debauchery’, with each chapter focusing on a story and ending with a specialised cocktail to match. Because of the alcohol theme and sexual innuendo, this one’s for over 18s only.

Justine Ezarik, 2.4 million subscribers

Justine is a tech and gadget expert, but is also one of the best known lifecasters – someone who captures their daily routines through live video stream.

This 31-year-old US vlogging star first made her name with a video about a whopping 300-page bill, received after one month of using the newly-introduced iPhone in 2007. The video went viral and Justine left her job in a chiropractor’s office to work as a full-time vlogger.

Known as iJustine on YouTube, she now has almost 2.5 million fans and has built an online empire through her site, Celebrated for her laid-back style, she posts about hair, make-up, eating raw cookie dough ice-cream sandwiches and whipping up no-bake snacks. Justine is also a talented actor, with a recurring role in YouTube series The Annoying Orange and a cameo in 2015 hit film, The Wedding Ringer.

Her book, ‘I, Justine’, was released in June, which gives readers a sneak preview into her life behind the screen, as well as the evolution of YouTube as a whole.

Louise Pentland, 2.3 million subscribers

Louise Pentland’s blog has the sugary title ‘Sprinkle of Glitter’ – but don’t let that fool you; she takes a warts-and-all approach to writing about motherhood, loneliness, childhood abuse and relationships, as well as lighter lifestyle topics such as interior design, fashion and beauty. It’s a mix which has served the 30-year-old well: she now has 2.3 million YouTube followers.

She uses her blog and YouTube channel to talk about her life and post motivational and advice videos, as well as collaborations with other YouTube stars. The star also has over 1 million Twitter followers and has published a 2016 branded diary including motivational tips. Louise has a daughter, Darcy, with her ex-husband.

Her book, ‘Life With A Sprinkle Of Glitter’ provides positive, inspirational nuggets of advice, split into four sections: Glitz, Create, Need to Knows and All About Love.

Miranda Sings 5.2 million subscribers

This quirky, tongue-in-cheek Internet character is as self-absorbed as she is lovable.

Miranda Sings is reportedly in the top ten of most popular YouTube personalities, and it’s easy to see why. The comedy persona was created by American comedian and actor Colleen Ballinger Evans to parody egotistical wannabes. With hyperactive eyebrows and heavy gaudy lipstick, Miranda Sings has attracted over 5.2 million YouTube followers, or ‘Mirfandas’.

The character soon started receiving hate mail from people who missed the parody element, which Ballinger Evans incorporated into the routine. Miranda Sings regularly posts videos going over supposed hate mail using the catchphrase ‘haters back off!’ In 2015 the character published an advice book, ‘Selp Helf’, along with a comedy gig tour.

Shay Butler, Gavin Butler (Shaytards family), 3.8 million subscribers

35-year-old father of five Shay Butler clowns around documenting his family’s life, like a cleaned-up version of ‘The Osbournes’.

Shay Butler first attracted a YouTube audience with a video of himself in his wife’s unitard! The video went viral and he quickly realised the potential to earn money from advertising revenue on popular videos. The whole family, including wife Collette, eldest son Gavin and four other siblings, now feature regularly in videos, giving their 3.8 million fans a window into family life.

The family now lives in Idaho, USA, posting videos about day-to-day life, Shay’s weight loss struggle and their Mormon faith. Shay has made sponsored videos in partnership with General Electric, Kia and Skype and co-founded Maker Studios, which offers four video networks featuring lifestyle content.

Shay has lost over 100 pounds and has run three marathons in recent years, so his book, ‘Fat Dad, Fat Kid’ is described as a ‘father-son weight loss memoir’.

Millie Mackintosh, 13,036 subscribers

She’s come a long way since her ‘Made in Chelsea’ days and now has an impressive social following.

Socialite Millie Mackintosh has certainly spread her wings – in an online sense – since her first appearance on our TV screens back in 2011 on E4’s reality TV show Made in Chelsea. And we’re not just referring to the butterfly tattoo on her lower back!

Nicknamed “Sparrow Legs” by bullies at boarding school, Millie admits she was “an ugly duckling with braces and glasses”, but has now blossomed into a super-savvy businesswoman and self-confessed make-up artist, foodie and fitness junkie.

Add her successful YouTube channel – where she shares hair and make-up tutorials – to her mesmerising Instagram feed (boasting 1.1 million followers don’t you know, daaahling!) and her website, which sells her very own range of clothes, and you have a personal brand that is fast outgrowing that of her Quality Street-inventing ancestors.

Thanks to her marriage to rap star Stephen Manderson aka Professor Green and her new book ‘Made’, released in September, Millie’s celeb status – both online and off – shows no signs of slowing down.

Grace Helbig, 2.7 million subscribers

The US star is known for her quirky sense of humour – and her adorable dog, Goose.

Star of the graciehinabox YouTube channel, the E! show ‘The Grace Helbig Show’ and author of two books, it’s no wonder most of us have heard of Grace before. Along with 2.7 million YouTube subscribers, Grace also boasts 1.5 million Instagram followers and 1.1 million Twitter fans.

Grace’s publishing CV includes the highly acclaimed ‘Grace’s Guide: The Art of Pretending to Be a Grown-up’, which was a New York Times bestseller in October 2014 and it has since been announced that Grace is releasing a second book, ‘Grace & Style: The Art of Pretending You Have It’ early next year. While the first book focused on the challenges faced by those growing up in the digital era, her follow up book looks at fashion and is “one part parody, one part irreverent fashion fun, and one part personal experience.”

In her television shows, she’s spent time with a number of stars, including Dwayne Johnson (also known as “The Rock”), Jack Black and Hilary Duff – as well as a whole host of other YouTube stars (namely, her brother, Tim, who also has a YouTube channel ‘TimWillDestroyYou’).

Tyler Oakley, 7.6 million subscribers

A leading LGBT activist, he uses his super-witty sense of humour to tackle delicate subjects.

You might recognise him for his trademark colourful hair and black-rimmed glasses, but he’s also hailed as a pop-culture phenomenon and one of the most influential LGBTQ+ voices on YouTube. Tyler Oakley is the man of the moment with the recent release of his book, titled ‘Binge’, and a continually growing social media following.

Thanks to his 7.6 million YouTube subscribers and combined social media following of around 21 million, Tyler has broken into the world of publishing with this book of hilarious personal essays, emulating the tone of his vlogs that has earned him such recognition. He has also gained respect as a highly influential activist; Tyler has spoken about LGBTQ+ rights as well as LGBTQ+ youth issues such as suicide and education, and often presents vlogs on these important issues.

Tyler posted his first video in 2007 and was a former member of the collaboration channel “5AwesomeGays.” He’s since interviewed some megastars, including none other than One Direction in 2013! Jealous, much?

Read more about Tyler Oakley on the blog here.

Jamie Curry, 1.3 million subscribers

Kiwi vlogger Jamie shares the lessons she’s learned in her young life, and has now entered the literary world, too.

This young New Zealand native, known for her YouTube channel ‘Jamie’s World’, has accumulated more than 1.3 million YouTube subscribers and a staggering ten million Facebook likes. She’s even bagged herself a nomination for a Nickelodeon Kids’ Choice award this year and has also released a book, titled ‘They Let Me Write A Book!’

For a 19-year-old, Jamie’s accolades so far are certainly impressive. The book covers her life to date and – in her own words – what she has (or hasn’t) learned along the way. From her very first YouTube video uploaded three years ago (a parody music video of Chamillionaire’s hit ‘Ridin’ Dirty’, reimagined as ‘White and Nerdy’) Jamie has come a long way; her most popular video ‘My First Ball’ currently has over 2.6 million views and, as her YouTube ‘About’ section details, she aims (but fails) to upload new content every week.

Stampylonghead, Joseph Garrett 6.6 million subscribers

Like a game-obsessed older brother but Stampylonghead is an animated cat, voiced by Joseph Garrett.

Joseph Garrett, more commonly recognised as YouTube gamer Stampylonghead, is from the UK and is a huge contributor to the ever-growing market for first-person recorded video game videos. When he first started out, Joseph posted under the channel name of Stampylongnose; but although the name has changed, his videos haven’t; he still posts Minecraft videos almost daily (although he has since also branched out into other gaming videos, too).

Joseph – or Stampy as he is affectionately known – is the most popular YouTube channel specialising in Minecraft videos at the moment, amassing 800 million total views and over 6.6 million YouTube subscribers. He has recently been nominated for a Golden Joystick – an award gaining recognition as the online world of gamer personalities – of which Joseph is undoubtedly a firm favourite.

His first book, entitled ‘Stampy’s Lovely Book’ was released in October 2015, and is aimed at kids aged 4 to 10, featuring jokes, activities, games and facts about Stampy and co.

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