The Evolution of Harry Bosch

The Evolution of Harry Bosch

The Black Echo (1992)

When LAPD homicide cop Harry Bosch learns that the corpse found at Mulholland Dam belongs to none other than Billy Meadows, a fellow Vietnam comrade who fought with him as a ‘tunnel rat’ in a horrifying underground war, the case turns personal.

Along with the help of an FBI agent, Bosch’s nerve must be tested again as he follows a criminal heist underground in search of a killer whose identity will shock him to the core; and all this while tackling foes within his own department.

The Mystery Writers of America granted The Black Echo the Edgar Award for ‘Best First Mystery Novel’.

The Black Ice (1993)

Always one to question authority, Bosch is suspicious when narcotics officer Cal Moore is found dead in his motel room. Is it really suicide, as the report claims, or something more sinister?

But as the murder trail leads to some increasingly dangerous connections, and journeys south of the border into unknown territory, Bosch himself becomes the next likely name on the hit list…

Connelly racks up the action and tension in this follow-up to The Black Echo. It was awarded the Maltese Falcon Award for the ‘Best Private Eye Novel’ published in Japan that year.

The Concrete Blonde (1994)

Having put a bullet threw a brutal serial killer known as the ‘Dollmaker’, Bosch was a hero; but this all changes when the dead man’s family sues Bosch and the LAPD for killing the wrong guy.

When a new victim is discovered bearing the Dollmaker’s signature mark, the accusation gains ground – and it’s up to Bosch to redeem himself and find the sadistic killer before the next attack.

The Concrete Blonde is an edgy legal thriller featuring tense courtroom scenes and delving deeper into the case that got Bosch demoted. It explores Bosch’s own inner darkness while taking the series to a whole new level.

The Last Coyote (1995)

We get an even deeper insight into Harry Bosch’s psyche in The Last Coyote, as he decides to investigate the murder of his mother – a crime that has gone unsolved for 30 years.

Things aren’t going well for Harry at this point. His girlfriend has left, his house has been wrecked by an earthquake, and he’s been hitting the bottle too hard. Worse than that, he’s been suspended and had his badge revoked after attacking his commanding officer.

In an effort to face his demons and move on from his troubled past, Bosch re-opens the case on his mother – and quickly spots the tell-tale signs of a cover-up. But the quest for justice leads to some prominent Hollywood names, who would rather keep things in the past.

Trunk Music (1997)

Back from a period of leave, Bosch returns to a grisly scene where Hollywood producer Tony Aliso is found in the boot of his Rolls-Royce, two bullet holes through his head.

To the Organised Crime Unit, it’s nothing more than another mafia hit – aka “trunk music” – but Bosch’s instincts tell him otherwise. Along with Jerry Edgar and newcomer Kizman Rider, the trio follow a money trail all the way to Vegas – with Bosch making more enemies along the way.

Bosch is at the top of his game, but he’s still far from perfect. Despite new boss Grace Billets bending the rules for him, he’s thrown off track by questions against his credibility from the CIA and FBI, and the return of ex-flame Eleanor Wish, who was one of the last people to be seen with Aliso…

Angels Flight (1999)

African-American lawyer Howard Elias specialised in black civil rights and police brutality; so when he’s found dead on Angels Flight, a cable railway in downtown LA, city detectives flee from the case – all except Harry Bosch, who’s put in charge of it.

It comes to light that Elias was working on a multi-million dollar lawsuit against the LAPD on behalf of client Michael Harris. The attorney’s murder took place on the eve of a trial that would have unveiled the real murderer and exposed the guilty cops.

But along with uncovering the truth, Bosch also has the small matter of his failing marriage to contend with.

A Darkness More Than Night (2001)

This seventh novel in the series offers a new perspective, with two murder cases being solved simultaneously and Bosch taking more of a backseat.

The first is the high-profile murder of an actress, by a famous movie director, and it’s up to Bosch to act as both arresting officer and key witness in this media-frenzy of a trial.

Meanwhile, retired FBI agent Terry McCaleb is called on to look at a series of murders the LAPD has been unable to solve. This leads to a full investigation and soon becomes intertwined with Bosch’s case, as the two men find themselves in a terrifying investigation full of disturbing revelations.

City Of Bones (2002)

It’s New Year’s Day, and Bosch is called upon to investigate the bones of a 12-year-old boy that have been found in a shallow grave among the Hollywood hills. This is a case that really hits home, stirring up memories of Bosch’s own troubled childhood as he locates street kids from the ‘70s and searches through old police records.

Back in the present day, new recruit Julia Brasher sparks heated feelings in Bosch, despite his best judgement. As the case takes a sharp turn and a fellow cop gets shot, Bosch is forced to maintain order in an unruly city, and make the hardest decision of his career so far.

Lost Light (2003)

In a post 9/11 world, we find Bosch retired from the LAPD, having become disillusioned by its corruption and hypocrisy. But being Bosch, he’s still drawn to seeking justice for those failed by the system – starting with a production assistant who was murdered four years ago, and whose case files he took with him.

The assistant was murdered during an on-set robbery to the tune of $2 million, which the LAPD think was used to fund a terrorist training camp. But when it seems the killer will be set free in order to help catch the terrorists, Bosch cannot sit back and watch – even though he no longer has a badge!

The Narrows (2004)

Despite saying that he wouldn’t write a sequel to The Poet, it seems Connelly couldn’t resist bringing back this intriguing serial killer who intertwined poetry into his murders.

FBI agent Rachel Walling is called back onto the case, something she has been dreading. This time she ends up in league with Harry Bosch, who didn’t feature in the first book but gets tangled up in the case when he hears that an old friend’s husband has died – and his ties lead to the Poet.

Bosch and Walling must join forces against the FBI to solve the troubling mystery, in this action-filled plot that also explores Bosch’s new life as a father.

The Closers (2005)

After a three-year break from the LAPD, Bosch is back – but things aren’t how he left them. There’s a new Police Chief sent over from New York in charge, and he assigns Bosch and his old partner Kiz Rider to the Open Unsolved Unit, which delves into thousands of unsolved ‘cold’ cases.

As part of the team of Closers – whose job it is to re-examine old evidence and bring hidden killers to justice – Bosch and Rider are assigned a politically sensitive case. And with old nemesis, former Deputy Chief Irving, watching from the sidelines, Bosch cannot afford to make any mistakes.

Echo Park (2006)

Thirteen years ago, Harry Bosch was assigned a case he could never solve – that of 22-year-old Marie Gusto, who went missing after leaving a supermarket in Hollywood.

In his new role in the Open Unsolved Unit, Bosch is informed that a man on death row wants to come clean about his previous murders – one of which was young Marie Gusto.

While waiting for Raynard Waits’ confession, Bosch discovers the missing clue that he and his partner should have noticed all those years ago – one that could have prevented a further nine murders.

Connelly further explores Bosch’s complexity as he battles with his inner demons and past mistakes, testing his resolve like never before.

The Overlook (2007)

Bosch has now joined the esteemed Homicide Special squad, and his first case is one with serious implications for national security.

The body of a doctor with access to caesium – a dangerous radioactive substance – is found near Mulholland Dam. When Bosch discovers that a large amount of the substance was stolen just before the murder, it’s a race against time to not only find the culprits and prevent a large-scale terrorist poison plot, but also to prove to ex-flame Rachel Walling and the Department of Homeland Security that the LAPD is up to the job.

With new characters, a relentless pace, and the same old obstacles and misdirections, Bosch is at the top of his game in this thirteenth book of the series.

The Brass Verdict (2008)

Connelly expertly brings two of his biggest characters together in this novel – defence attorney Mickey Haller and loveable rogue Harry Bosch.

Haller is back in the courtroom after a two-year hiatus, and this time it’s his biggest case yet: the defence of Walter Elliott, a studio exec accused of murdering his wife and her lover.

Elliott’s previous lawyer was murdered, and as Haller prepares for the case of a lifetime, he learns that he’s next in line. Cue LAPD Detective Harry Bosch, who has no qualms about using Haller as bait to find Vincent’s killer; but as the stakes get higher, the two loners must work together to not only find the killer, but stay alive themselves.

Nine Dragons (2009)

Nine Dragons sees Harry Bosch entering unknown territory. After the murder of a shop owner in a rough LA neighbourhood hits Bosch hard, he vows to John Li’s family that he will find the killer.

With the help of members of the Asian Crime Unit, Bosch’s trail leads to the member of a Hong Kong triad – a deadly crime ring with far-reaching links. At the same time, Bosch’s young daughter Maddie has gone missing in Hong Kong – coincidence, or not?

Bosch must now travel across the world to an unknown city, to try and protect the one thing he holds dear – risking everything else in the process.

The Reversal (2010)

Defence lawyer Mickey Haller makes another appearance in The Reversal, but this time in the role of prosecutor for a high-profile case involving a child murderer. New DNA evidence has led to the exoneration of convicted killer Jason Jessup, who has spent the last 24 years behind bars. But Haller is convinced Jessup is guilty, and brings in half-brother Bosch as his investigator on the case.

Convinced that Jessup wants to kill again, Haller and Bosch take on the tense investigation against a defence attorney who’s a master of media manipulation. In the age of mass media, and with the evidence stacked against them, it’s a tall order for the duo.

The Drop (2011)

With just three years to go before his retirement from the LAPD, Bosch is more than happy to take on a new case. One day, he gets two…

The first is the DNA from a murder in 1989, which matches with a 29-year-old convicted rapist – suggesting incoherent DNA samples, and compromising all the existing DNA cases in court.

Meanwhile, Councilman Irvin Irving’s son is found dead beneath the window of the Chateau Marmot – did he jump or was he pushed? Putting old differences aside, Irving demands that Bosch handles the case.

Before long, both cases reveal a dark political conspiracy in the police force, and a killer who has been on the rampage for thirty years. Just another day at the office for Bosch, then!

The Black Box (2012)

When most people get older, they like to slow down a little – but not Harry Bosch. Linking the bullet from a recent crime to a 20-year-old case from 1992 – the murder of a young female photo journalist – Bosch returns to a case that he was previously unable to solve.

As the compelling plot unravels at rapid pace, we learn that the journalist’s death was not random, but personal and calculated. Like somebody searching through the remains of a plane crash, Bosch hunts for the ‘black box’ – a missing link that will bring the case that has always haunted him to a close.

The Burning Room (2014)

Harry Bosch watches the autopsy of a man who has just died from complications of a gunshot wound he received ten years ago.

With a fresh murder on his hands but all other clues practically non-existent, Bosh has got another tough case to crack. To make things even harder, his new partner – Detective Lucia Soto – has zero homicide experience.

Bosch and Soto must work together to solve a longstanding murder with years-old evidence; but as things pick up speed and another old case comes to light, they must decide whether the case is simply too dangerous to take on.

Although there are still glimpses of the old Bosch, we see him take on a more teacherly role in these later years.

The Crossing (2015)

This elegant and satisfying thriller sees the return of crime-fighting duo Harry Bosch and lawyer Mickey Haller.

Bosch is now retired, but Haller needs his help with a murder accusation against his client that he’s sure is a setup. Against his better instinct – and the wishes of his daughter – Bosch takes the case and, with the help of star agent Lucia Soto, focuses the investigation within the police department itself.

Never one to avoid drama, Bosch soon finds that the closer he gets to the truth, the more he puts himself in the firing line.

The Wrong Side Of Goodbye (Coming November 2016)

Michael Connelly returns with this eagerly-awaited thriller starring none other than former LAPD detective Harry Bosch, who is back on form in his new role as private investigator.

Bosch is something of an underground operator – he doesn’t have an office, doesn’t advertise his services, and doesn’t work with just anyone.

His next big job comes in the form of a billionaire mogul, who wants to know whether the great love of his life – a Mexican girl who became pregnant – ever had the baby and left him with an heir.

With a vast fortune at stake, Bosch realises just how risky his mission is – and soon finds mysterious links to his own past.

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