The Big Painting Challenge

The Big Painting Challenge

Mark Bell, The Head of BBC Arts Commissioning has said:

‘The BBC make fantastic programmes about the context and history of art; what’s particularly exciting about this new series is that it will show what a rich and rewarding experience the making of art can be – and hopefully it might even inspire people to pick up a brush themselves.’

The show is being presented by actress and amateur water-colourist Una Stubbs, alongside BBC Radio 5 Live presenter and enthusiastic art collector Richard Bacon. The judging will be taken care of by multi-award winning artist Daphne Todd OBE and member of the Royal Institute of Oil Painters, artist Lachlan Goudie. Meanwhile the founder and Artistic Director of the Essential School of Painting, Alison Harper will be the art consultant for the series.

The contestants have been whittled down from 6,000 entries to 10 finalists from different parts of the UK and of all ages. Including an art assistance, freelance designer, former fashion designer and even a retired police artist, there’s plenty of artistic experience in the group, but there are also full time parents, an army sergeant and a language student, demonstrating that talent is more important than experience.

During each hour long show, the contestants will take on a challenge that tests their talents using different artistic materials and covering various types of figurative art. Each episode will also take place in a different location around the UK to show off the diversity of landscapes and settings. Daphne Todd OBE and Lachlan Goudie will judge the competitors’ artwork at the end of each show, and at the end of the series a winner will be crowned.

“I shall be looking for a sense of personal development in the finalists, a sense that they will pursue and defend their own vision, whether they are attracted by detail or the broad sweep, by the story element or by abstract qualities. Above all the challenges will be great fun!” – Daphne Todd, OBE.

At the end of the series, artwork from the ten finalists and in particular the overall winner will be featured in a BBC display at the prestigious Tate Britain.

Alongside the six part series, there will also be a live event hosted at the library of Birmingham at 11am on the 25th February 2015. The event will be streamed to classrooms around the UK and can also be watched on the BBC website, as CBBC’s Ricky Martin, Michelle Ackerley and illustrator Nick Sharratt teach kids about the fun to be had drawing.

Always eager to see what can be achieved with the right tools and a bit of creativity, we’ll be joining in with the fun throughout the series on our Blog, Facebook and Twitter accounts. Relating directly to what the contestants are working on each week, we’ll have comprehensive how to’s, interesting facts around the various figurative art types as well as fun quizzes, competitions and more. Plus we have some big names in art ready to judge your artwork and provide some handy hints and tips, so why not share your work with us along the way. There are more details to come on Facebook and Twitter so keep an eye out.

Stay tuned as we get stuck into Week 1’s Challenge – Landscape Art.

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