Exclusive Video! Jim Smith: How to Draw Barry Loser

Exclusive Video! Jim Smith: How to Draw Barry Loser

Jim Smith: How to Draw Barry Loser Transcript

Hi Losers! I’m going to teach you how to draw Barry Loser. My name is Jim Smith. Here’s the book cover. This is Barry here.

So, I always start with his eyes. So you do two black dots like that. And Barry worries that people think he’s a loser, because of his second name, so I quite often give Barry a big droopy nose like this, to make him look like he’s worried. Then two little eyebrows, like that. And his hair is kind of like lots of brackets that go around words. So dot them around on top. And his ear is a bracket with a smaller bracket inside it. And then the bottom of his head is a big upside down bracket, like that.

And I give all my kid characters big heads and small bodies, because if you look at kids, you have got quite big heads and small bodies. So you give him a little tiny body like that. There’s his arm. I give my characters three fingers. That’s one of the things I love about cartoons, that you can simplify things down. Obviously we’ve got five fingers, but for a cartoon you can do three fingers, it still looks like a hand, you’ve saved yourself two fingers-worth of time.

Next, his legs are little ‘L’ shapes, like this. And lines across for his trainers. And a line for the floor.

And he’s got a zip on his hoodie. And his hood is kind of like another ear. Like that. So that’s how to draw Barry Loser.

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