Tom Fletcher Book Club: The Nothing to See Here Hotel by Steven Butler

Tom Fletcher Book Club: The Nothing to See Here Hotel by Steven Butler

The Nothing to See Here Hotel – Steven Butler and Steven Lenton

Welcome to The Nothing to See Here Hotel! A hotel for magical creatures, where weird is normal for Frankie Banister and his parents who run the hotel.

Author Steven Butler is the author of the bestselling The Diary Of Dennis The Menace and The Wrong Pong fiction series.

Illustrator Steven Lenton works from his studio in London creating an array of charming characters for his picture books. Best known for illustrating the bestselling Shifty McGifty series.

Read Tom’s Review:

This book is so good you won’t blunking believe it! Ever wondered where trolls, goblins, fairies, mermaids, werepoodles, ghosts, cyclopses…oh, and invisible Alf, go on holiday? They stay at the Nothing to see Here Hotel, of course! It’s a very special hotel for magical creatures of all shapes and sizes. Don’t worry if you’ve never heard of it, it’s kept secret by troll magic, but thankfully Frankie Bannister (who happens to be one thirty-sixth part troll) is here to tell us all about it in this book, which includes a handy map of the hotel…and we all know that books with maps are the best ones! This book is full of disgusting creatures, set in a disgusting place and now it just needs to be read by someone disgusting…you’ll do nicely. Enjoy!

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