Telegraph Great Reads: Waterloo by Bernard Cornwell

Telegraph Great Reads: Waterloo by Bernard Cornwell

“The best battle scenes of any writer I’ve ever read, past or present. Cornwell really makes history come alive” – George R. R. Martin

“Readers new to the Waterloo campaign could hope for no better introduction, and veterans will find fresh insights” – The Independent

In this video, Bernard Cornwell tells us more about the blood-soaked battle and why he found it such an intriguing event to cover for his first non-fiction book.

Waterloo: The History of Four Days, Three Armies and Three Battles by Bernard Cornwell is available to order online today as a Hardback.

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  1. Now open the road to historians and get the ONLY exhibition about Waterloo that will survive to the end of the bicentenary: “Seventy images for hundred days”. Ask Amazon in 3-5 days. The best opportunity to remember and understand exactly what was Waterloo

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