Stan Lee: An Interview on The Zodiac Legacy Convergence

Stan Lee: An Interview on The Zodiac Legacy Convergence

Hi Stan. Can you tell us briefly what The Zodiac Legacy is all about?

The Zodiac Legacy is all about an Asian-American teen, Steven, who gets thrown into an global adventure surrounding twelve magical superpowers. Steven will have to join forces with several others from around the globe to master their powers, elude a dangerous secret organization called the Vanguard, and master the secrets of the Zodiac Legacy!

This is the first time that you’ve created a novel that includes a vast amount of illustrations. How did the process differ to creating a graphic novel?

A graphic novel is essentially a story done in the form of a comicbook, with illustrated panels containing dialogue balloons in order to convey the story. The Zodiac Legacy is essentially in the format of a novel with many illustrations, which, of course, is different from a graphic novel.

If you could be any of the Zodiac characters, who would you be and why?

I’d like to be Steven, of course, because he’s one of the heroes. He also gains the power of the Tiger, which gives him super strength and great reflexes, and who wouldn’t want that?

Who do you envision as your reader when you’re writing?

When I’m writing I usually envision the characters that I’m writing about. I don’t really think of “the reader” because the only reader I’m concerned with is myself. I have to feel that I am interested in the story as I write it. If I am, then I’m hoping that enough readers have the same taste that I do.

Are there any particular places that you like to work, or places that really inspire you?

I don’t know how inspirational it is, but I prefer to do my writing at home where I know that my wife is nearby doing her thing.

Would you say that your style has evolved from when you first started writing?

I certainly hope that my style has evolved since the time I was a teenager, which is when I started writing. In fact, I would like to think that my writing style evolves with every new story I do.

With one book out now, and another two on the way, where do you see the future of the Zodiac Legacy going?

I would hope we could keep going as long as we can dream up new plots and new characters for The Zodiac Legacy.

Tell us one thing about you that people might be surprised to learn.

I often bore people by reciting many of my favorite poems, such as Edgar Allen Poe’s “The Raven” and Edward FitzGerald’s translation of “The Rubaiyat of Omar Khayyam.”