Spring Season: Top Books Made Into Films

Spring Season: Top Books Made Into Films

Wild (Jan 2015)

Wild: A Journey from Lost to Found, a 2012 memoir by US author Cheryl Strayed, reached the top spot of the New York Times Best Seller list and caught the attention of Reese Witherspoon, who decided to make it into a film with the help of writer Nick Hornby. Witherspoon plays Strayed, who – by herself – embarks on a thousand-mile hike of the Pacific Crest Trail following her divorce, her mother’s death and years of destructive behaviour. Witherspoon obviously has a lot of emotional attachment to the book, so we look forward to seeing whether she can convey Strayed’s struggle.

Inherent Vice (Jan 2015)

Paul Thomas Anderson has adapted Thomas Pynchon’s 2009 noir about an unconventional private eye and the unusual case he finds himself tangled up in after his ex-girlfriend asks for help. The book is steeped in 1960s psychedelia and the adaptation is the first time a Pynchon novel has made it to the big screen. The film has had a mixed reaction so far, but boasts an all-star cast in the form of Joaquin Phoenix, Reese Witherspoon (again) and Owen Wilson.

The Mortdecai (Jan 2015)

Charlie Mortdecai, a sophisticated art dealer played by Johnny Depp, finds himself tangled in a web of mystery in his search for a stolen painting. The 1970s book trilogy, best described as a comedic crime novel, is full of funny moments, larger than life characters and bizarre situations. Will the film capture this humour? If Depp’s performance in Pirates of the Caribbean is anything to go by – yes. The big screen adaptation also stars Ewan McGregor and Gwyneth Paltrow.

Fifty Shades of Grey (Feb 2015)

The international bestselling erotic romance novel, which caused a storm back in 2011, will hit cinemas the day before Valentine’s Day, with Jamie Dornan and Dakota Johnson starring as Christian Grey and Anastasia. Although a few scenes had to be toned down meaning it may not be as explicit as the book, its racy nature could mean that some fans are wary of venturing to the cinema to see it! That said, it seems unlikely that the film will be a flop, with all the hype surrounding it.

Suite Franҫaise (March 2015)

Suite Franҫaise is a romantic World War II drama film based on Irène Némirovsky’s 2004 eponymously-titled novel. The story centres on a relationship between Lucille (Michelle Williams) and a German commander (Matthias Schoenaerts) who has been posted at her house. The original book was never completed; the Russian-French author died in Auschwitz before she could finish it. We look forward to seeing if the ending of the film does the novel justice.

Seventh Son (March 2015)

Seventh Son is a fantasy film based on the novel The Spook’s Apprentice. The tale follows 12-year-old farm boy Tom, who is the seventh son of a seventh son and has the ability to see things that others can’t, including ghosts and boggarts. The sole remaining warrior, known as “the Spook”, played by Jeff Bridges, takes Tom (Ben Barnes) under his wing. The most notable difference in the film is that young Tom is played by a 31-year-old, and it’s likely to see more swords-and-sorcery glitz than the Lancashire-based book. Diehard fans could be disappointed that the film deviates so much from its source material.

In the Heart of the Sea (March 2015)

In the Heart of the Sea is based on the true story of the Essex – a ship that was sunk by a whale in 1820, leaving the crew in the middle of the Pacific Ocean for three months. The book, which was published in 2000, is harrowing and gripping, building up the picture with detailed and fascinating insights into the whaling industry, as well as the aftereffects of the tragedy in great detail. Will the movie, starring Chris Hemsworth and Cillian Murphy, be able to capture this epic journey in the same way?

Insurgent (March 2015)

Insurgent was the second book in the Divergent trilogy by Veronica Roth, continuing the story of Tris Prior as they leave the crumbing Dauntless (a division of post-apocalyptic Chicago for “the brave”) and try to get to the bottom of what’s happening within their dystopian society. Expect a race-against-time, high-paced movie as they face impossible challenges. The film is due to be in 3D and stars Shailene Woodley, Theo James and Kate Winslet.

Nothing beats the smug feeling of being able to say you’ve read the book before the film comes out, but which ones will you have your nose in over the next few weeks? We’d love to hear from you in the comments box below.

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